the joy of new gear

having spent too much money yesterday on some new shoes (excuse bad knee) and a new hydration pack (excuse marathon) i ventured out on a 10 miler this morning....makes such a difference to the feelgood factor....worth every penny ;)


  • im the same... if my running gets a little boring, i perk myself up with new clobber, hsorts and t shirt this month, new trainers next month (i hope)
  • Don't get me onto buying new gear, I'm a gearholic! Looking the part is all part of the performance.
  • I thought it was us chaps theat were supposed to be gadget mad!
  • You are! And we girls are clothes mad. Now, if only I had the cash to buy it...
  • I had a bonus this month!
    Telephone ordered my new trainers. Ordered last years colours at cheaper price.
    And received.....brand new Autumn/Winter colours/shoes for the cheaper price :o)
    How cool is that...
  • got my t shirt for manchester marathon today in the post....proof that new gear breeds...might just have to get myself that new top too....
  • i managed to get a watch from timex that has a gps and tells you how far you have gone along with loads of other cool functions.i tried it during a race yesterday and noticed the courese was a little long hence the slow times.then there was the sale at the outdoor adventure shop on thurs.left with shorts,clima top(for amsterdam next month)and a shirt.on fri i picked up a whole set of kit for pacing a race including a new pair of shoes.all in a weeks running.i think i am addicted to new gear.any suggestions for a cure?
  • Patrick, the only thing to do is to wear it all out as soon as you can by lots of running. And then you can buy some more...
  • Any of you get really attached to gear, so even when you've purchased the lovely new stuff you can't quite bring yourself to get rid of that old vest with so many pin holes it looks like a string vest?
  • I never throw anything out :-)
  • I've got a 14 year old pair of Ron Hill tracksters that just refuse to die. They've acheived a magical thinness that's just thick enough to stop windchill, but just thin enough not to build up heat and get sweaty - brilliant!
  • Only 14 years I've had mine since 1983! Ok, so they have got holes in and they're a teensy bit tight but I love them!

    Fluffa - what did you think of t-shirt? One of the better ones in my opinion. How's the training going for Manchester and do you know aything about the course?
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