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Sent an application for a GFA entry off via registered post (not guaranteed delivery - but the one where they get a sig to say it's been delivered) - and it went on 27th.  It's now the 30th and according to Royal Mail it's still in their system and not yet delivered.  If I sent a normal 1st class letter I'd have expected it to have arrived yesterday at the latest - so I was wondering how VLM cope with what must be thousands of "to be signed for" items - if others have sent stuff off, do they actually sign for it?


  • Do you know what the cut off date for GFA qualifying times is. I could only find information from previous years entry and it said the end of August. Do you know if this is the same date that proof of times need to be sent off for VLM 2011.

     Thanks for the help.

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    They seem to have taken down any info relating to GFA and Championship entries. I'm guessing they'll put stuff up after the ballot fever dies down.

    I'm sure you'll have plenty of time.

    have they?  I checked on Tuesday and it definitely referred to the 2011 race.
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    Just keep proof of posting rather than asking them to sign for it.
    But this is just the application for the entry form - not sure how proof of posting would help if they never get the application and you never actually enter?
  • GFA section's there now - and refers to 2011 race.
  • They don't appear to sign, it's just a PO Box. Don't worry, there's plenty of time and even if they've got it today they'll take a while to get round to sending the entry form back to you. Leave it a month, and if you haven't had anything back give them a call.
  • what time did you do this year andy...image
  • Did 3:07 at Blackpool. Odd that they don't sign for them as they suggest you use registered post!
  • They are supposed to sign on a bulk delivery form or on onee of the useless new PDA's providing someones there to sign it. Normally its better to send stuff via special delivery as RM have to pay compensation for failure to deliver on time and so are more careful with it. Cost me around £5 last year each time I wrote. Even PO boxes require signatures.
  • Just read the info off the website. Many people get confused between recorded delivery and registered delivery (now known as special delivery). Both require signatures but special delivery has it's own parrallel network so can be traced through the system which is why it costs more but is more secure. The other one recorded delivery is a waste of money as it is generally treated as normal mail (you didn't hear this from me though as I only deliver against a signature unless I'm on good terms with the customer).
  • I thought I might've got the wrong one - I'll give it a few more days then send it again the posh way. Thanks Postie!!
  • I can now confirm that if you send it the posh way it does get delivered and it does get signed for - I sent another off 10 days after my first one and this time paid a fiver to have it guaranteed delivery and it was delivered and signed for the next day.
  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭
    I sent mine 'recorded deliver' about 10 days ago. I checked several times and it hasn't been signed for so I've just phoned them. Spent about 1 minute on the phone and she confirmed she had recieved my entry and I should hear back in about 3 weeks.
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