Having had a spell of bad health within the recent months ive had to keep stop and starting running, however its now getting to the point where i cant perusade myself to put on my trainers and get out there! I dont have anything to train for i just enjoy running put for some starnge reason keep talking myself out of runs and putting myself off running altogether! How do you keep yourself motivated? Any advice would be greatful!


  • all i can offer is to put on yourtrainers and get out there and you'll soon remember just why you love it. It's the actual effort of doing it that; seems to be problem?

     When i first started running i used to lay my clothes either beside my bed as i got up 9stil do!0 or get home from work and get changed and go straight out again, only way i'd stop myself from turning tv on and faffing around

  • if you haven't been well lately hten maybe you just need a little bit of time off whilst feeling well to recover etc, then when you've had a little time, just bite the bullet and get out there!
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    As you say the difficult thing is getting the trainers on! Try telling yourself that all you are going to do is put your trainers & gear on and stand outside the front door for a few seconds, and do that. You'll find that the brain is very easily fooled and will go along with that a lot easier than the "you should go for a run you know" line. Once outside the door, I expect the motivation will miraculously flood back.

    Seriously - don't know why the brain works this way but it does - it's not the running it minds, it's the getting changed for it! Go figure!

  • Much sympathy - going through similar myself at the moment. What I do is put my trainers and gear on - wander about the house for a bit - then say, okay just 10 minutes of running and then only more if i feel like it. Most of the time I get into it and find that I can do something approximating a decent session. The key for me is to go to the bother of getting changed out of work clothes and getting running/cycling gear on - then it gets a lot easier to drag myself out of the door.
  • I find that on 'slow days' when I don't fancy a run, the way to do it is to ease myself into it really gently. Sometimes I find myself putting in a surprisingly good session. My tip is to put your running gear on, and go out for a 10-minute brisk walk. Hopefully, after a few minutes the air into your lungs will perk you up enough to start jogging. One thing leads to another. Running generates endorphines. If you get into a routine you'll start to crave them and become a junkie.

    Best of luck to you. 

  • Enter a 5k or 10k race to start you off which something to aim for
  • I motivate myself by keeping track of the distance, and time of each run I go. Keeping this physical representation of my progress keeps me striving to improve. I also agree with Chris, entering a race will give you a goal to aim at.
  • I look at how far I've come since I started running. I didn't get to where I am now by skimping out on runs.
  • Like some other posters have said- its the mind that is making it difficult for you. Its probably also thinking about the loss of fitness due to not running for a bit and knowing that it may be a bit difficult for a while. But it won't take long to regain your running fitness- I promise!

    I do think that a target is helpful- a nice low key 5K or 10 k. Schedules really do help, particularly on days when you just don't feel like going out. I myself get plenty of can't be a*sed days but my motto has become 'just do it". i.e regardless of feelings just get on with it. And it really does work! I have never ever felt worse after a run than before. However if I have bottled out of going out then inevitably that preys on my mind for hours of afterwards  So I might as well just get on with it!

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  • For me it's all about music.
    I've got playlists on my ipod that either make me want to dance and jump about (and I usually see myself pelting it along, smiling, even stopping to wiggle during my run) or other ones that are all about 'keeping going' when I've had a bad day. People really do underestimate the power of music. Not only does it give you something to focus on other than the run, it clears the mind. I found after a 2hour run I was still feeling it because my favourite track came on.

    Get those shoes on and the music going: it's your time to party / run image
  • I've had a similar problem over the years. I have found that when I immerse myself in the subject (Reading RW, reading forums, talking to people who are running, thinking about diet etc) that this really helps.

    A few people in the thread have suggested entering a race too, that is always a good start!

    Sometimes if you just force yourself the first time... it all comes flooding back!

    Good Luck!
  • Why not run with a friend,it's hard to skip a runi f your buddy is banging on the door!! or try doing something else swimming cycling hiking or whatever you fancy to freshen things up a bit, I recently did some canoeing it was ace. Running is great but it isn't the only sport ,maybe you're bored?
  • when im struggerling for motivation i simply think of how i will feel after the run as opposed to what im feeling before the run simple as.
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