Luton Marathon

Anybody done this one?  


  • No but thinking about it this year. Maybe
  • It's a local run for me, so I'm going to have a crack at it this year.  All I know is that it's a three-lap course.

    I know this post doesn't help you, but it's the only way I can see to subscribe to this thread image.

  • I've signed up to it and it will be my first marathon!!!

    Any advice??
  • It is a fairly popular race with the forum, particularly as it can be done as relays, although, I vaguely recall the race being cancelled in the not to distant past due to the weather and that seriously pi$$ed a few people off, so may not get as many entrants as in the past
  • The race wasn't cancelled because of the weather as such.  There was an overturned car on the course, so it was called off for safety reasons.  Arguably, the car was overturned due to the weather, but more likely due to moronic driving in adverse conditions.

    I know some people who were entered, and they ran the course in any case because it was marked out and ready.  They only ran one lap though.

  • oh, this is one of my faves


  • 3 laps summed up in a single word - GRIM (however, will probably do it again this year as I only live 20 minutes away and there aren't many other December marathons!).

  • Its december and Its Luton - so not an ideal combination. Course is mildly playful in that the slopes on the first loop turn into hills on the second and by the third they are mountains. Organisation is pretty good with plenty of water etc and generally well signposted and marshalled. Support is limited most of the way around - although as loops you do get to see your supporters (if they can brave the Luton winter weather) three times. Bits of course are quite nice but other bits are as dull as dishwater and parts run down A5 (I think) 

    Main thing I didnt like was there was a short but un-sign posted walk from the finish back to the race HQ.

    Good solid race

  • hiya.. thinking about doing this?? any good?? what are the hills like? flat course... details etc??
  • Total climb of just over 400 meters over the 26.2 miles according to my garmin.

    Main "hill" is 50 meters up over about 2-2.5 miles repeat three times and a few other ups and downs.

  • we've done this 7 times, course best of 4:37, and course worst of 5:15

    It's 3 laps - it's a good event, i'm always happy and impressed by it

  • does it get a bit depressing doing laps? I have only ever done a 10km that had three laps in it.. found it good but not sure how I would feel in a marathon situation
  • bootsie

    well see, this is where the power of physcology and control of the mind comes into play

    i could go on,....

  • hmmm that is a long conversation! will have a think about it and see.. woudl be fun to do something before christmas.. will see how the training comes along i think
  • good luck with what ever


  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Good summary from Keith.  I did the relay last year and found it to be a well organised event, but I'm not sure I'd be too fussed about doing the whole 3 laps.  Apart from the ups and downs (not huge but I can imagine they'd start getting bigger on the 3rd lap) there are some exposed sections and it was a tad breezy last year.

    A good one to do if you're averse to running marathons in the heat, I guess!

  • not a big fan of the heat after brighton this year.. might be a good way to stay in shape before christmas this year! hopefully it wont sell out too soon.. doing a 15 miler first weekend in october so was hoping to see then how my training was going and decide then
  • Phil

    NOT  that i know you or have met you

    but with your marathon times i've read about you do suprise me

    but of course 3 laps isn't everyones thing

    TBH, for us, there's an event called Boddington Ultra, it's normally 50k- it's just off M5 J12 ??, it's coming up trhis weeekend i think

    anyway, my point is -

    it's 2.2 ??mile laps , virtually flat , beautiful rural etc, you'd think it's easy pb stuff

    but you know, most we've done is 18, done a HM on it, just cannot get my head around it, it seems to have a jinx on me

    and i've pushed Phil around 3 track marathons of 107 laps each

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Hi Mick - we may not have said hello but last year's Luton marathon was the first time I've seen you and Phil in the flesh!  I was on 2nd leg for the relay, so I was watching the start of the race, going up the first hill, and gave you a cheer. 

    I'm sure I'd get round the 3 laps OK, but I think I'm a bit all-or-nothing when it comes to marathon courses.  Either something fast and flat so I can go for a PB, or something with loads of silly hills in like Beachy Head, for the challenge.  Luton's a bit in-betweeny for me.  image

  • The good thing about laps is the opportunity to still take part if a problem arises and I'm not up to full marathon fitness.  I did a lap at Stratford to complete a half-marathon, so i didn't feel as gutted that I was forced to withdraw from the full marathon.

  • I've signed up for this along with a couple of other of our club runners and friends.  Looking forward to it and will use the training to put towards the Brighton marathon next year. 
  • its a tough course-3 laps can be mind blowing especially if you run past your car each time and the relay runners skip past you cheerfully

    It can also blow a gale when you reach the Streatly turn and the hills do get tougher each lap

    That said you wont find many marathons in December so it focuses the mind in Oct-Nov with the training

     Have fun if you enter-i said I never will again but that was a few years ago and I have just treated myself to new running shoes so I'm feeling up for up

     Now where is that debit card?

  • I have just entered for this race. Will be my first Marathon, and act as preparation for London next year...

    Read all the debate about laps. I have never run a race with laps before, and think it will probably be mentally draining doing 3 laps... but atleast i will know when the finish line is coming up on the final lap image

  • im thinking of giving this one a go.

    do you get a medal for this or just some dodgy old tee-shirt.

  • Did this in 2009. 

    PB potential if there is not much wind. Only significant climb is at around 21 miles on the final lap. 3 laps means that you can have your support crew handing out bottles and gels as you pass the finish area. Sections through the housing estate and past the shops are not ideal. No support out on the course. Large sports hall at the end to recover in, but results weren't available.

  • Alpha - reasonable medal - although for some reason they werent giving them out at end but back at Race HQ
  • Have just entered this one image need to book a cheap place to stay next...any recommendations?? I suppose I should look at Premier Inn etc

    My hubby Jon will be unable to do the full distance but definately up for doing a lap in the relay if there are any other like minded folk needing to make up a team image 

    ..aslong as they're not speed pb chasersimage

  • I've just entered - this'll be my first marathon, so slightly nervous.

    Lots of training required!

  • i'm planning on doing this bit concerned about the 5 hour limit having never run one before and if I have  bad day may be an issue.
  • Just entered this. Bad day here last year. Coming back to settle the scoreimage
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