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  • A no time limit voucher for entry ? You dont ask for much. If you buy a gift voucher from a commercial high street store - most of those are only valid for a year.

    The race was cancelled due to the conditions - the organiser has to take all the flak if someone breaks their leg on ice/snow - so its their balls on the line.  I'd not blame them if they decided not to run it again with all the whingeing.

  • Cougie, Don't accuse me of whinging. I have neve disputed that the race marshalls' decison - just asking for some consideration (when they discuss it)  for my hard-earnt money. I only suggested a no time limit vouocher as that's what I got from another cancelled race.

  • And... on the High Street you have 365 days to spend their  year only vouchers... a one-year Luton Marathon voucher only gives you one day to spend it.
  • Thought the decision was already made, event moved to an earlier date and reduce entry next year, not everyone is going to be happy and a line now has to be drawn under this.

    Edited to say these guy's are volunteers not a high street shop, just saying 

  • From a legal point of view it doesn't matter that the race organisers are volunteers, they entered into a contract to provide a marathon in Luton and were unable to fulfil that contract. The entry form had a provision for no refund for cancellation, but its not clear that would apply if it was deemed there was no good reason for cancellation (I'm sure there are strong arguments for and against cancellation)

    I think its important that if someone wants a voucher to not expire (or valid for other strider events?) the organisers consider it. It reinforces the goodwill of the runners and organisers.

  • I still can't see why it couldn't have been postponed, of course it still wouldn't have pleased everyone  but the option of free entry into a re-scheduled event in Feb/Mar or reduced price entry into the November event would have satisified the majority.

     A lot of people keep saying the money has been spent, yes it has, we have the race numbers, the chip timing, everything is in place to run so let's run it! 

     I may keep banging on about it but that's only because nobody has explained why this wasn't offered as an option.

     Apologies for not moving on, I will now over and out.

  • My tenpennyworth a s a regular runner of this race.

    I cant see the problem with having an open ended voucher, and indeed an option to use it at another race run by the club. most people will use it next for year , lose it  or in a few cases like tn1 and myself carry it over till the next time we can do this.

    I would have thought the cost would be miniscule but the goodwill generated enormous.

  • Some very valid points here, money has been taken and nothing provided for it. The problem with providing a voucher that can be carried forward is the assumption that runners will want to enter such an event again.
  • Don't know if everyone has kept an eye on the Luton organisers thread.. it seems they have rescheduled the race and given half price entry and 'first dibs'  to it to all those who entered last year's December race that was 'snowed off'. There is to be NO refunds or discount to any of their other races if you can't make the new date this year.

  • Sorry that should read  the information is on the  Luton organisers WEBSITE - not thread!
  • Typical - what we have come to expect from the shambolic Luton Marathon set-up.
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    Priority entry for last year's competitors appears to have opened for the 2011 race.
  • No chance
  • lol. I'm in.

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