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  • Hi all,

    Cheers Wharfy, all advice gratefully received as it will all be very new to me.  I've entered a 2 day ultra in March so I'm kind of planning a number of long runs with back to back long runs included as I get closer to the event.

    I've got the Leicester marathon on Sunday but have got a sore throat that has just got worse throughout today.  I'm hoping it will just be a minor passing bug so am just going to dose up well and get an early night.

    How's everyone else getting on with their training?

  • pete101pete101 ✭✭✭
    going good KP, up to 30 miles a week, long run at 15 so pleased so far, hope the sore throat clears up, dont take chances though if your not 100 per cent as could put you back a bit...good luck
  • Arghhh. Looks like I missed the cut off. image

  • Sent my cheque in a few days ago, as did my mate. Said 38 places when we sent the cheques but guess it's pot luck now.

  • Gosh can't believe it's full - I hope Dustboy & Hellen get in by post - let us know.

    I've been off the posting for a couple weeks due to illness - was absolutely floored by a cold and a cough and lost my voice completely for 4 days.  Nightmare.  I didn't dare run as I just felt dreadful.  I think I just pushed myself too hard at work and with training and it got too much.  Haven't run for 2 weeks now so feel lousy and it's hit my confidence for Abingdon next weekend big time.  I'll take it easy and gear myself up for Luton in the hope of doing sub 4 hours there instead.  it won't happen next weekend that's for sure!

    how's everyone else doing?

  • pete101pete101 ✭✭✭
    hey brookie, glad you are on the mend, good luck next week, wow what a great day for running today is?did a local 10 k today, felt great
  • Cheque returned so I'm not in. If anybody has an entry they can't make then please let me know.
  • Wow, Luton sold out 2 months before the event, shows how popular running has become.  Was hoping to give the Bedfordshire Championship a shot too.  If any one has a number they want to give and the organisers permit it, let me know and I can cover your entry fee..

     I wonder if the organisers can do a Hastings and open up some more entries closer to the event..

  • Hi all,

    Whilst it's great that Luton is a sell out I'm sorry to hear people haven't got in.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for those still waiting to hear.

    Sounds like your training is going well Peter, well done on your 10k, it was certainly a great day yesterday.  Which 10k did you do?

    Brookie, sorry to hear you've been ill.  Glad you're feeling better now and good luck at Abingdon.  I hope you have a good day even if you don't break the 4 hours, and there's always Luton if you don't.

    I struggled with my cold thing on Thursday and Friday but felt a lot better on Saturday.  I was still a bit fuzzy headed and blocked up yesterday but I decided to at least start at Leicester any way and see how I got on, as it was never intended as a race, more of a final long run for Dublin and a chance to get into double figures for the year.  I started ok, but at 7 miles my pace suddenly dropped for no reason and I didn't feel I could push on at all.  The next 3 miles continued to slow and the finish line seemed a very long way away.  I kept on going and suddenly it seemed to pass and I managed to settle into a fairly steady rhythm.  I really enjoyed the route and managed to finish in 4:15, which in the end I was really pleased with.  Now I'm just tapering for Dublin in 2 weeks.

    Hope everyone else had a good weekend.

  • KP good luck for Dublin - I did it in 2007 and really enjoyed it.  Thanks for your good wishes too - I feel a lot better today and managed a short 4 miler before Abingdon this weekend.

    Bring it on!

    And yes, I have my fingers crossed for everyone who is still trying to get in.

  • pete101pete101 ✭✭✭

    KP..the 10k was the Norfolk cancer research event, the whole atmosphere,volume of runners and the great weather made it special, nice just to run for 50 minutes rather than 2 or 3 hours on a sunday morning too...good luck in Dublin too, i would love to do that one soon,this is my first year at marathon distance and i must admit its opened up a whole new side of running.

    it seems that marathons sell out very quickly now and early entry is advisable, i know i have been disapointed myself a couple of times, least it shows that the demand is strong and that hopefully organisations will be willing to stage them

  • If anybody has a entry they can't use please let me know. Will cover costs

  • looking forward to a beautiful run around Bedfordshire on a crisp winters morning image
  • Hi All, thought would pop in and see if I know anyone. Am in. Have done Luton 4 times in the last 5 years, including running 21 miles the year the race was cancelled. Couldn't run it all, as by that stage very dark and the country road was going to be very dangerous. Know the course like the back of my hand. I honestly don't think of it as an undulating course. There's a bit of climbing in a few small stretches but thats all. Got 3.27 in Berlin few weeks ago and will be trying for sub 3.15 this year.
    I did run in a 104 mile ultra across Scotland earlier this year, on a truly mountainous course, so I guess anything compared with that will be flat to me! Ran Kielder marathon two weeks ago and that was hilly. Hoping to get the led out of the legs in the next few weeks and actually cut back on the distance and do more speed work. Bring it on!
  • It's great that Uk marathons are doing well. I just wished i'd predicted this would sell out earlier. Again, if anyone has a number and for whatever reason is unable to do it could they contact me and I'll pay the fee:


    Ben Fish
  • Hi all,

    How's everyone's training going?  Peter, I'd definitely reccommend Dublin, it's my favourite race and it was my fourth year this year.  I managed to knock another 2 minutes off my pb, so I was delighted.  Loved it again.  Just had a few days off running and I'm raring to go again.  How did you get on at Abingdon Brookie?

  • Hi,

    This thread seems a little quiet given we are getting closer image

    KP - training going ok, longish run last weekend rest this weekend and planning 18-20m next Saturday. 

    Yes Brookie - tell all ?

  • I'm doing this. Did it last year as well. Training was going well until yesterday, got a sharp pain in the top of my leg. Will have to have a bit of a rest and hope it goes. Going for a sports massage tomorrow.
  • good to receive the race pack yesterday, has focussed my mind again, i too am feeling aches and pains but should be fit by the big day, hope eveyones training is going well
  • Hi all,

    I got my pack yesterday too, must be a sign it's getting closer.  Glad your training is going well Wharfy, enjoy your rest this weekend.  Hope your leg pain has eased KMJ, how was your massage?

    I'm aiming for about 15miles this Saturday, then a long cycle ride on Sunday.  Hope everyone else is going well.

  • Got my pack too, it'll be marathon time in no time! heh

    Thanks KP, my massage was great, she worked on the area that was troubling me and I've run since then with no pain. It means that I missed out on a long run for this week but will do another next week and I've already done a few, so here's hoping it'll be okay on the day.

  • had a good LSR today, had a difficult 10 days with a dodgy back but seems to be ok, which is a huge reliefimage hope all training or races went well for everyone this weekend.had a look at next year for some potential marathons and there is quite a few already , has anyone ever tried the the one round Lake Windermere? sounds great.
  • Hi,

    Aimed for 17m this Saturday but Mrs W had slightly pulled a muscle in the gym on Fri and pulled out after 4.5 miles.  I made up slightly by running an extra 3m (all up a big hill) but not what was planned !  Try again next weekend.

    PJ - Windermere is good but tough.  Undulating for first half, the next quarter is pretty nasty hills, last quarter quite a lot is fairly flat but a bit of a killer in the middle (mile 22 or so I think).  Scenery good and I would do it again.

  • cheers wharfy...think i will enter as have never been there, so feel a short holiday coming,good luck next week with the training
  • Anyone got any good training planned for this weekend ?

    Unlikely for us - Mrs W still suffering so will probably hold last long run to next w/end.

  • Hi all,

    Glad your massage seems to have done the trick KMJ, hope you're still running without any problems?  I've never tried a sports massage, maybe one day.

    Hope everyone's training is going well.  I'm going for 18 miles on Saturday and another long cycle on Sunday.  Got the Newcastle Town Moor marathon next Sunday and then a 2 week mini taper before this.  My training was a bit disrupted this week as I had to go to Coventry in mid-week for work, but managed to fit some shorter quicker runs in.

    Sorry to hear Mrs W is still suffering Wharfy, hope she recovers soon.  Have a good weekend all. 

  • Hi

    I missed out on this last year and had put up with traveling to Lisbon for a  December marathon  image image so entered early, received my pack the other day so all is good. 

    Hope every one's training is going well and staying injury free.

  • Is there anyone out there who has a spot in this marathon, but not longer intends to run.  I'm really keen to race, but missed the entry.  Happy to pay all entry fees etc.  Rik Vercoe (
  • Hi All, late joiner to this thread. Am off for last long run tomorrow, 18miler planned and hoping the leg injury which has blighted running over the last year holds out. My training has been pants, only been doing about 27 miles a week so its not going to be pretty image Have run lots of marathons but this is my first one in December and first 3 lapper also, gonna be a mental challange and a half I recken! image
  • Hi all,

    Hope everyone has had a good week?  Hi Laura, I'm sure you'll be fine on the day.  I've never done a December marathon before either, looking forward to it.  I did my first lap marathon earlier this year and really enjoyed it, I found it made it easier to pace.  I'm doing the Newcastle Town Moor Marathon on Sunday as my final long run.  Hoping to add a couple of miles on to it as a training run for the Gloucester 50km in January.  It'll be the first time I've ever run more than a marathon so might be interesting on Monday morning!

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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