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  • Statement We would like to give you an update on the current weather conditions in Luton and let you know how we intend to proceed, as we are fully aware that runners taking part in the Luton Marathon would like to finalise plans for the weekend. At present Luton has not been as badly affected by the severe weather conditions as some other parts of the country. However, parts of the course are covered with ice and yesterday about an inch of snow fell. Milder weather is forecast for the next few days, and a lot of hard work is being put in by the local authorities to deal with the problem areas. We will be making a thorough risk assessment on Saturday morning, and will be posting our decision on the website then. We will also try to e-mail as many of you as we can.  Our single priority in making our decision will be your safety. We wish that we could give you a firm decision now, but we do not want to cancel now whilst we still have the hope that we can provide you with a safe course. It’s too important to you, and it’s too important to us. Please check again Saturday afternoon for further news.  The Luton Marathon Team.
  • From the website ;- 

    The nearest railway station is Leagrave which is 1.3 miles from the Sports Centre. Luton railway station which is near the town centre is 4 miles away. Taxis are available at both stations.

  • You can buy Yaktrax direct from their website but probably too late to get them in time now.
  • Hmmmmm - gosh the tension of not knowing whether it's on or not is killing me!!  I hate suspense!  I think, on the whole, actually, that it will go ahead.  The forecast isn't that bad and from what I can gather, north London, and the midlands aren't as bad as south london and the south east.  I think if anything causes problems it will be ice.

    At least the race starts at 10 not 9 so it has a chance to warm up a bit! 

    My main worry is driving from the cotswolds to the start line at 7am when it will still be dark and icy.......

  • Thanx Jeff, yep just checked stockists and doesn't seem to be anywhere in Sheffield but they look interesting would have probably given them a go if I could have got hold of some.

    Snow coming down heavy again today in Sheffield, which of course means this city is at a stand still and if it had been today was due to travel and not Saturday then no chance, trains cancelled etc.  Lets hope the weather forecase for the friday and Sat is accurate as today is supposed to be the last day of it here which might give things a chance to get moving again 

  • Hi Elaine,

    If you need any help preparing the course on Sunday (gritting or whatever), I am sure some desperate runners wouldn't mind (myself included)..


  • I know what you mean Brookie - I'm travelling up from Southampton, but planning to stay in a hotel overnight just outside of Luton, so I'll have the journey in the evening when it's cooling down!

    Trying to think from a glass half full perspective at the moment - at least they haven't postponed it already, and there's still a fair chance of it being on. However, for me a lot depends on whether I can get out of the house - we had about 6 inches of snow last night and if that freezes tomorrow I fear it'll take more than a day to clear.

  • Leagrave Train station (on thameslink)  is the closest station, it is almost on the course!

    Personally I'd say it is walkable. About 15mins to the start, but there is a taxi rank that will take you to the start. - I can give walking directions if required.

    Luton central station is about 4 miles away. Again a taxi will drop you, there are normally plenty.

    Be very careful with the Thamelink service, they are badly suffering in the snow at the moment - so check the live updates board (now First capital connect)

     LU3 3TL - is the post code that will get you to the start.

    I'm with Dave, there will be people unofficially and completely at their own risk(!) running whether the weather is rain or shine. We run the route weekly anyway on a sunday morning, it'll just be a bit later than normal!

    Fingers crossed everyone

  • Thanks. I would be on the Thameslink! Would appreciate walking directions.
  • I could do with knowing before 12 noon on sat as I can cancel my hotel up to that time

    Yaktak are quite good but no good on concrete so if some road is clear and some not you would need to take them off!

    Ordered some for my mum on sunday and they havnt arrived yet so they may be out of stock on some sizes, when I ordered mine last year they came next day.  I ordered her the walking ones, small for her and medium for her friend

  • thanks but post in Sheffield not arriving due to snow so its not an option now anyway, also don't fancy taking them on and off, thought you could just run on them anyway - so every cloud and all that...
  • Walking From Leagrave Train Station - Directions

    (there are other routes, this should be the simpliest)

    Leave the train station on the ticket office side.

    Turn right and go down the hill.

    At the traffic lights go right and under the bridge.

    BP garage will be on your right (there is a toliet in there).

    Cross over the road towards MacDonalds (stop in if you fancy a McP!$$!)

    Cross over on the zebra crossing (this is the edge of the running route and you should see directional signs). From here you can follow the running route to the finish line, then on to the start, but without marshalls you might miss a turn and get lost on the estate.

    I recommend turning right when you have crossed the zebra crossing, walk up the slight hill. Go over the first round about, At the Second roundabout turn left (on to Northwell Drive). Follow this road all the way to LeaManor recreation centre (up a slight hill)- This is the start.

    Should take about 15 -20 minutes at a nice brisk pace, a good warm up!

     If you get lost at any time ask for directions to LeaManor recreation centre (or school). most people you speak to would know where this is.

  • Thanks! You obviously even understand my 'normal pre marathon routine' well!!! No queues for a cold portaloo for me with these directions...
  • 'toliet'! image maybe its a Luton thing......
  • Ello, I work in luton and drive part of the course. There's not that much snow around. If it rise's a degree or two, the thinish layer of ice should melt. I reckon more likely to be on than off.
    I ran it anyway the year it got cancelled, on my own to about 22 miles. As there was a delayed decision it wasn't called off until about 11.30 ish. That meant I was starting the third lap on my own knowing it would be dark. There is a very fast and dangerous road between 22 and about 24 miles. In the light with others around its fine. in the dark on your own in the cold, its very dangerous.
    If anyone meets to do it anyway, make sure you start by 10am, or you will find the same problem. I ended up turning back on the third lap and got to about 22 ish. There were a few others at the start, but they were running bit slower than me. Best to get a few of you together.
  • Haven't run all week due to the snow and my cold. I'm taking tapering to
    a whole new level! Cold still pretty grim, but I'm running Sunday no
    matter how I feel. Bring on the pasta!
  • Hi Brookie

    Hope you feel better. I have only run once in the past 2 weeks as well so you are not alone (my lack caused by snow and laziness without the added cold) image but as you say bring it on!

  • Hi all,

    Glad to see I'm not the only one checking the weather on a daily basis.  Fingers crossed for a big thaw.  I've got family near Luton so am driving down on Saturday morning to make a weekend of it.  Hopefully, the race will be on, but if it isn't safe I guess there's nothing we can do about it, and it'll be nice to do some catching up with people anyway.  I haven't run for 2 days but will go to the gym and use the treadmill tomorrow.

    Brookie, I'll be wearing a fair few layers, most likely topped with a black and red Adidas Dublin marathon jacket.  I'll keep a look out for your antlers.  Hope your cold improves and enjoy your taper.

    Woody, hope your cold improves too. 

    I've managed to avoid most of the bugs that have been flying around work, hopefully that will continue. 

    Have a safe last couple of days.

  • Thanks for the messages everyone. Laura, glad I'm not the only one who has had a good taper! Nose a lot clearer this morning - so feel better. I'm now in Oxfordshire and it is freezing!! But not a lot of snow so I think, travel issues permitting, that it will be ok on Sunday. See u all soon!
  • got email. its cancelled.

     gutted! just thought give you guys early heads up!

  • Bummer. image. Tough call though for the organisers, looks like it'll still be icy and they simply can't risk mass broken bones and concussion. Guess thats what comes from December events. Big dip on my weekly mileage graph though!
  • Tough call but probably the right one......hardly unexpected.
  • im going to do a long run on sunday instead, so at least i dont feel like a doing absolutely nothing!
  • Shame. As you say a hard decision for the organisers but probably expected. Think I'll also be doing a long run too.
  • Anyone have a copy of the email?  I don't have anything and the website still says its on?

    Forecast was looking better for the weekend too.

  • maybe we can all post our long run results on here instead? like a spread out luton marathon in place of the real thing!! ha
  • copied from email i got:

    Hello  everyone
    we have made the descion to cancel the race on Sunday, please see our website
    later today for the offical statement.

  • Can't believe they didn't listen to my heat wave warning image
    Gutted image
  • What a pain - I feel the inaugural Harpenden marathon coming on image
  • I'm interested to see the reasons why, I really hope its not some insurance or legal implication of doing it.  Especially as we all seem to be happy with the conditions and planning long runs on Sunday still...

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