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  • laura H - yep I know, we had to cancel our race last year and I dealt with the refunds and postings on here saying we took the decision too early - glad to say once we posted pic of the ice people soon changed their tune - I have fingers and everthing else crossed that we do not have to go down that road again.

     If i was due to run Luton agree I would also be disappointed - peeved of I can't get out to run except at the gym which I'll have to do tomorrow.

  • Shell7 wrote (see)

    ....I am going to do 3 laps of Richmond Park instead on Sunday - think its about 23 miles altogether so if anyone fancies joining me I will be there at Richmond Hill Gate at 10am. Im probably not as fast as the rest of you - so not expecting anyone to run at my snails pace of 11.5 minute miles - but knowing there are other Lutoners in the Park is good!........

    ....I'll be doing a very long run in RP Shell7 - probably going anticlockwise, starting 8:30ish from my home a mile away. I'll wear my Luton number 410 so shout if you see me. I fancy doing 20+ miles, but from experience I know I'll slack off after 15 or so and cruel home for a deep hot bath.....I just can't do long, long miles unless I've paid good money to suffer them!!
  • If it goes ahead an alternative for London based runners is Pirie 10. Hardcore cross country race in Coulsdon. Currently uncertain also due to weather.
  • OH NO!!!!!  I have just read through all the posts again - and there I was being the optimist and then two seconds later I get an email saying it was cancelled.  I hope I didn't jinx it!

    I'm so gutted for everyone who wanted/needed to do this race for personal goals/sponsorship etc.  It was to be my 13th marathon....... I should have you think I can jump straight to 14?!

    When I emailed this morning I hadn't been outside.  The ice has remained on the pavements and some minor roads all day here so it may well be as bad as they say in Luton.  I really feel for the organisers - what a tough call.  It's always worse when it's a marathon too as the whole training programme is so long, it's not like you've just put in a few weeks prep for a 5k or a 10k, this has dominated our lives for months...... but I understand. 

    Good luck to everyone in finding alternatives if they need them - take it easy today.

  • Luton hasn't been bad but still two days of low temperatures to come. Also much of the course is outside Luton and it can be more affected by icy conditions

     Also some of you might not know but two years ago (or was it three) on a day when the ice was not as bad as now, a car came down through Streetley, lost control on ice and over-turned on the route. It was about 10 minutes before the start which was delayed before finally having to give in and cancel the event. So the organisers are very aware of the issues.

     I take the point on cross country, I am hopefully running one myself tomorrow but these tend to be run by club runners whereas the mass runs have a lot of recreational runners who are less experienced in the conditions. Also frozen grass is still easier to run on than frozen pavements in my experience.

    I think they are also taking in account the conditions elsewhere for people travelling. In theory easy to come up from Brighton through London but the trains aren't running on the southern half at the moment due to horrendous conditions down there. If you are local you want them to delay a decision to as late as possible but if you are travelling then you want to know earlier.

    Although not a direct organiser I am with one of the local clubs and in a moment of madness had offered to set up the start/finish early on Sunday so there is a part of me which is probably pleased.... but only a small part - honestimage

  • Have to say I'm gutted, had trained really hard for this one and was ready for it, but it would have been a struggle getting down there anyway and if it's not to be then it's not to be. I've got London to train for so can build on the fitness I'd already built up for Luton. Stupid weather! I'm just glad that they let us know about the cancellation today, it means I can stop worrying and carb loading (although I don't have an excuse to eat too much now image ).
  • GUTTED! -but not as gutted if I'd broken my leg slipping on the ice image  

     This was to be my first ever marathon and have put in a lot of miles and sacrificed a lot of beer (stag nights, weddings etc) so I'm rather disappointed. Still, hopefully I can keep up the fitness levels through xmas (doubtful) and sign up for one early next year. Was looking at Gloucester - anyone done this one???

  • Rob - consider Liverbird mara on NYE - you can celebrate the new year with your first marathon under your belt! They take on the day entries apparently!
  • Very sorry for all you out there who really wanted to do this one. I've done 10 or so this year and to be totally truthful, I'm ok not doing it and having a beer! That having been said I'm gutted for everyone come what may. We have to support the organisers decision. There is no way they would call it off unless they really had to do so.

    Really tough call, but for my two pennies worth, well done for being able to do so and not putting it on and risking what could be a lot of injuries. I really hope everyone finds something else to do asap.

    Me, I'm off back to the fridge for another beer. Take my advice and do the same. Unwind and try to chill. No point doing anything else as its off.
  • I have just had my first beer in two weeks, I tell you it was hot half as enjoyable as it would have been as a reward after Sunday.image
  • Sean G wrote (see)

    I live about 15 miles from Luton. The forecast for my local area is for snow on both Saturday and Sunday. Yes, your local areas may be getting better but it looks like we are going to get what most of the country has already had.

    Councils are not going to bust a gut to grit and salt roads in the early hours of Sunday morning. Driving to the start could be very very dangerous.

    They may include statements about "running at your own risk" but that type of statement is not worth the paper its written on. Yes, if you trip over your own shoe lace but no if the course is not "fit for purpose". Its a mass organised event, they cannot wash their hands of their responsibility to the people taking part and if the course is expected to covered in snow or icy then they have to be responsible.

    A tough call and I am as disappointed as the rest of you but not surprised. It was going to be my 19th marathon of the year. The weather is always a big risk with regards to winter marathons/running.

    Better to know sooner than later.

    Good post. Dont forget that not all the people running this race are from the uk. A saturday morning inspection would be no good for me as i would already have flown over. Sometimes common sence has to preveil. 13 for me this year Sean, im way to far behind you mateimage
  • hmmm 'Please return your timing chip as soon as possible'

    yes and who's paying for the stamp, envelope, walking to the postbox (across the lake of ice in my road)

    I'm sure the organisers are lovely people but there's no mention of a refund, nor an explanation or apology of why there isn't one or even the smallest offer of say 15% to cover the postage of the chip

    if this comes down to the Stropleys not wanting to get sued they should as least have taken out insurance to cover partial refunds. I'd be interested to hear what was different this year as a result of the 2008 cancellation, if it's merely a heightened sense of fear on the part of the organisers then nothing has been learnt
  • I think it's a shame but a good decision from the organisers, must have been hard for them.  I guess we'll just have to find something else to do with our Sunday morning.  I'm quite lucky to have the Portsmouth Coastal next Saturday so I'm looking forward to that.  Hope everyone has a good weekend any way.

    "Organiser Stan Winterton, from Brook House Farm in Cheddleton, said: “It was touch and go on Saturday morning as we woke up to overnight snow, but thankfully the council was brilliant and came out and gritted the route."
  • The Anti - coach -

    There is a free post envelope for the chip so it won't cost anything to post back but I agree, the tone of the demand was a bit off. I would like to have at least had a 'we will of course role over your entry for next year for free'.  Things like this do happen from time to time but it would have been nice to feel like the paying customer I am. Some one has asked the question on the forum on the website so maybe there will be a response on that.

  • Madlot wrote (see)

    Thank you Dave.

    Right, I'm with you Laura, I'd like do another before the end of the year but Bournmouth is too far and I plan on being extremely unfit on new years eve. Any others?

    laura H wrote (see)
    Right, I need another marathon to do before the end of the year, have commited to do at least one a year and Luton was it due to injury earlier in year. DOn't want this to be the first year since 2003 that I haven't run one, was to be number 10 for me. Really don't want to treck over to Liverpool on New Years Eve and haven't the dosh to go abroad, anyone know of anything?
    Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon

    Last time I looked flights to Cork from Manchester were £80 odd and the bus link £8.00

    Have to say I'm not too gutted, my cold took a dramatic turn for the worse and would have struggled to complete it. I woke yesterday having slept until 2 pm with the room spinning round ( and it wasn't drink induced) image image
  • Sorry just realized online entries are closed but they are accepting postal.
  • Hi Woody

    Have more or less decided that its going to be the Liverbird mara on NYE. Think its too late to do the postal thing given we have had no post here for a week and no ones sure what the weathers gonna do, thanks for posting it though, looks nice.

    Am off to Luton tomorow after all that, still going to visit my pal for the weekend with the train tickets already got - really hope when I get there it snows really bad and then I will feel better. If its sunny and clear I will cry image.

  • Just to depress me even more, woke up this morning to find my garden virtually cleared of snow by the rain overnight. Currently 1.9 degrees in Watford and the ice is melting rapidly. Shame the decision couldn't have held off until today as promised because it's looking significantly better outside than it did on Friday.
  • Exactly my point Jeff !   Very fustrating! image
  • yep, snow melting in Sheffielfd as well, perfect for running today actually  - though woke up at four this morning to water dripping in through the wall immediately above my bedroom window - water in the guttering frozen and so excess running down the front outside wall and in behind the header above the window down into my room, super P'd off.
  • Hi our club Boxfit-Tri are doing a run all levels from Vauxhall Rec Luton near M1.Leaving at 10am couple hours run then back for lunch.All our marathon people are running all welcome to join us.See our web site for my info

    We have all levels running about 20 of us plus couple of bikes.

  • sad, but were safe

    i was looking forward to the event, it would most probably have been 2 laps this time as i dont feel great, and then we'd have visited Mrs Mick in hospital at Chalfont st Peter on way home

    so, it's going to be a training run somewhere

    i remember pushing Phillip around the end of year Buntingford 10 some years ago, it was treacherous all the way, how we got around i dont know

  • Well it looks for certain that this race was cancelled needlessly. All the roads and paths around Watford are now clear of snow and ice and the temperature has been steady around 4.5 degrees for most of the day - exactly as the met office predicted! I can't believe that less than 16 miles away in Luton it's any different.

    Bad call I think - but it could have gone the other way too, just a shame they didn't wait 24 hours as originally promised.
  • Absolutely gutted.

    Ran the Milton Keynes Park Run (about 15 miles away) this morning, virtually all the snow gone and all the ice turned to slush. I had excellent traction all the way around, no incidents and no injuries..

    Its a balmy 5 degrees in Luton and the roads are completely clear, the pathways are mostly puddles or occasional slush. Temperatures forecasted to stay above freezing tonight so perfect running conditions for tomorrow.

    I emailed the organisers one last time this morning to get them to reconsider. Its still not too late to put it back on!! (and its still not!) But got the reply I expected - its a difficult decision but cancelled.

    If only they had stuck to the risk assessment today, it would have no doubt passed with flying colours.. If a race is in this situation again I think it would be fairer to give a % chance of cancellation right up until it would need a miracle to get it back on. So yesterday it would have been 80% chance, today 5%. Then people travelling can make their own mind up.

  • Its raining now not too far away from Luton so that should clear the remainder of the slush.

    I think anyone is only too aware of the risks of adverse weather when signing up for a marathon in December but has accepted them when handing over the money - this also includes the risk of unwanted hotel and travel bookings should the race not go ahead.

    With this in mind, there needs to be a very good reason to cancel such an event due to possible adverse conditions and in my opinion the assessment of the race conditions should have been made at the latest possible stage to give everyone the best chance of running.

    Very frustrating
  • Have a look at the live webcam in Luton (after the annoying ad it plays)
  • Aaaaaargh - not a sign of any snow at all and raining!! Perfect winter marathon conditions. why oh why oh why??
  • My journey down to luton had no problems at all this evening and its looking clear! Much will be drunk me thinks thiS eve and I too wish they had waited till when they said before deciding!
  • I wasn't going to post, but I am thoroughly depressed today and I suppose this is an opportunity to get some things off my chest.

     I am one of the organisers of the Luton Marathon. I have been involved in some capacity or other for six years, and took over the organisation with my wife and some friends from my running club after the 2008 race when the previous organisers decided to step down. Has we not done this, the event would not have continued.

     The organisation that goes into this event is huge, and we are all volunteers. The only reason that we do this is because we love running. The decision to cancel that we took was incredibly hard to do, but we had to make a choice, and we had to do it sooner rather than later, based upon all of the information available to us at that time. We are resonsible for the safety and well-being of all of the runners and also all of our wonderful volunteers who give up their time for no reward to marshal, man the drinks stations and deal with all of the other things that need to be done.

     Had we decided that we were able to go ahead, we would have started at 9:00 this morning getting everything ready for tomorrow, and would expect that to take all day. Tomorrow would have been a 6:00 start, with an anticipated finish of about 19:00. A day's annual leave has been taken for Monday for what would have been the final clear-up.

    I know that everyone involved is very disappointed, and has invested a lot into this race. But we had to make a decision. Races have been refused permission on safety grounds even though they have never experienced any issued (such as the Leighton Buzzard 10). If we let it go ahead, and we did have an accident as a result, we would have put the future of the Luton Marathon in jeopardy.

     If we could have guaranteed that the conditions would improve then of course we would have gone ahead. But we couldn't, and neither did we feel we could  leave our decision until after a lot of people would have gone to a lot of effort in getting here, possibly for nothing. 

    Since we made the decision,the disappointment has been so great I have been considering long and hard if I want to carry on doing this. I'm not expecting anyones sympathy, but it is the kind comments here and the e-mails of support that we have received that are making the future of the Luton Marathon more positive.

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