Oakley sunglasses

Anyone know where I can go to try on Oakleys , I am in West Yorkshire ? I want to be sure I like the style before ordering them , PLUS  I need prescription lenses , so does anyone have any recommendations of places to use  on line or in an opticians   locally?

Thoughts appreciated .


  • I got my Oakleysin Florida as a present, but had problems with contact lenses so used these for prescription lenses


    Prescription lenses for Oakleys are not cheap

  • http://www.balanceoptics.com/index.php/running-sunglasses.html......I used these and couldnt fault them....didnt use the prescriptions side tho, just after normal running glasses and was really pleased with service.....
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  • Sunglass Hut now to prescription Lenses with Oakleys. Might not be the cheapest but worth a look.

  • Are Oakleys the best sunglasses for running/cycling/general sport?

    I've been tempted by Adidas Supernovas (i think they're called).  Anyway, i just check out ebay, although you take the risk that you can't try them on!

  • Hmm, not much in the way of an answer to the original question.

    As a prescription Oakley sunglasses (and ordinary glasses) wearer, when I last looked, Vision Express were, and still are, authorised providers of Oakley prescription sunglasses, and you must have one of them near you.

    As for whether they are the best, that is a matter of personal preference, as is the case with so many things. I suspect that they are the most expensive image, and I have been very happy with mine, having run marathons in them.

  • I love oakley sunglasses. I have to wear prescription sunglasses; therefore I need to get them from my opticians. I think people should be more careful when buying sunglasses, many people go for the cheap ones that you find in high street shops just because they look very trendy, but if you actually think about it, they are actually damaging their eyes.

  • Vision Express sells Oakely sunglasses.

    I second what Ana has written here; my OH bought me a pair of Oakley prescription sunglasses a few months ago; I have bad eyesight, and these have been a real find. They are just fantastic. The sun glare is completely cut, and the focus is incredibly sharp - probably better than my normal specs. They cost a lot of dosh, but worth every penny, in that they go to every training run and race.
  • You could try rxsport.co.uk, I have just placed an order with them for some sample Oakley frames to try on and if these are comfortable and fit well I will almost certainly order some prescription sunnies from them.  The home trial costs £4.95 and lets you try up to 5 different frames,  if you then place an order this fee is taken off the cost of your glasses  They stock lots of different manufacturers (Rudy Project, Bolle, Nike, Adidas etc) and you can customise the lens/frame colours for some of these if you want.  I e-mailed with some questions and got very rapid and helpful replies and they were nice on the phone too. 

    Possibly also worth trying Optilabs, they have received very positive reviews elsehwere on RW forums and will also send you samples to try on.  I tried this and although they were very helpful, unfortunately I did not find the glasses I chose very comfortable but this could just be my freakish big head!

  • Thanks, yes, found rxsports myself  eventually and finally got some Oakleys .

    They were helpful on the phone and time of delivery from order was pretty short .NOT cheap but I am very pleased , so.......image

  • Just ordered some Oakley's from them can't wait to be image too
  • My hubby has had several pairs with prescription lenses from rxsport and he's always been more than happy with them. He get's his ordinary glasses from there too (he finds oakley frames comfortable).

  • The branch of Vision Express in White Rose Centre (Leeds) has Oakleys, I got my 'normal' (Oakley frames!!) glasses from there, alongside my contact lenses

    As for the longetivity of them; I'm still wearing a pair of 20+ year old Mumbos for my commuting/training/etc......

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