Woodley 10K

Does anyone know if there is an age restriction on the 3k for this race please? The website suggests it might be 11-16. My children want to enter (aged 5 and 7) with Mum and Dad running with them. We did this for the Reading Greenpark Challenge and all enjoyed it. I tried emailing the race organisers last Tuesday but haven't heard back. Thanks in advance.


  • I have now heard from the organisers. Disappointing but never mind:

    Apologies for the delay in replying We have a minimum age of 11 to comply with British Athletic Federation rules, and also as requirement of our event insurance. We are also mindful that road running ( i.e on a hard surface) on public roads during delicate developmental age can cause problems in later life - probably this is why BAF set a lower age limit. Sorry to disappoint
  • Due to an a high pre-race entry, on-line entry for the 10K race is now closed as of 10th May because the race is now approaching its limit. There will be no "entry on the day" on Sunday 16th May for the 10K race.
  • Does anyone have a space for the 10k that they can't make?
    I'm desperate to run but I see it's full.
    Email me!
  • Just to make a point woodley, might help for next year, I've run quite a fee events now and just my thoughts


    - Free Tea / Coffee for runners
    - Goody bag with choc. bar, apple, lucozade and medal
    - Relatively good mashalling - Had to dodge a few cars out of turnings


    - Lack of start line organisation, had runners come up and ask me where start line was
    - Mass wide start line leading towards bottleneck
    - Some really, really narrow pavements
    - Was shunted into the (not closed) road by a stupidly placed water station

    And a late start! It's an 11am start which gives plenty of time, we could have gained a few minutes by not having some insanely bouncy personal trainer leading everyone through a strange warm-up (but I'm personally against mass warm ups - you're about to run 10km quickly - preserve all the energy you can, just stretch out)

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