Mizuno sleeveless tee

Rather puzzled to find this shirt under the "best for slimmer man" heading in July RW shirty thing. I like the shirt so much I've got two...I'm 6ft and 16st, the shirts I have are size L and totally fail to show just how much I enjoy my pasta and red wine! These shirts are even better for the fatter man. By the way, Simon@mizuno, what does the writing on the back say?


  • Old Buzzard

    I've got arms like pipe cleaners and these sleeveless Ts really are much more flattering than a trad vest. Hey, I look almost buff! That said, there's no reason that the larger gent shouldn't enjoy 'em too. And to be honest if I keep drinking the red wine and eating the pasta at my current rate I'll soon be able to put this to the test.

    As for what it says on the back Simon@mizuno did tell me and I think it was something like 'Serious Performance'.

    All the best

    Rob 'Mr Muscle' Spedding @ RW
  • Just ordered the XL, am 6ft 3" and 17 st 10. Not sure now if it'll be too big.

    Did get a bit concerned by the article as well.
  • No, I think you should be OK with that size FR. I'ts a nice style and hides the curves well!
    Nice to know there are a few other FB's running around!
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    fat rascal and old buzzard - get yoursleves over to the porker thread on URWFRC forum - you must have BMI's over 25!

    (mihght take a look at that vest meself)
  • Old Buzzard,

    Rob is correct the Japanese writing roughly translates to 'Serious Performance'.

    Japanese pronunciation is Shin-ken Shobu
    Shin = Genuine/real (i.e not fake)
    Ken = Sword
    Sho = Win
    Bu = Lose

    It's originally an old Samuari phrase about entering competition with a lethal weapon. Nowadays we look at it in the fact that you are entering your running with serious intent and the right tools i.e. Serious Performance.

    Hope that make sense and enjoy your running in the knowledge you are serious about it !

  • Morning FBF, sorry too busy trying to hear the sound of one hand claping to check out things like BMI!
    Thanks for the info Simon@Mizuno. Only recently started using "your" products having used Asics for road shoes for a good few years. Have now put about 250mls on my Wave Creations and getting on well with them. Very pleased with the style and quality of the shirt.

  • So Simon, let me get this right...you don't want us Mizuno wearers carrying our swords when we run??
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