Talkback: No-Nonsense Nutrients

I was interested in the fact that no mention is made of the conflicting scientific opinions around nutrition. This article by medical doctor Mark Hyman interested me because of the way it questioned a number of the orthodoxies in the RW article. 


  • The views in that article are a bit off the wall and as RW is a running mag, not a nutrition or science mag, their articles on nutrition generally follow established advice and don't mention anything that is off the mainstream.

    That article is intereresting but suggests that people are idiots who need to be told what every mouthful of food should be.  It also happily states various controversial opinions without backing them up at all..... for example "Dairy is linked to prostate cancer"

  • And as this is your first post I'm prepared to bet you won't be back to debate the issue with me......

    <drags to forum sofa in and settles down to wait>

  • I think a lot of what is written in RW regarding nutrition is wrong plus there seems to contradictions sometimes.

    I am vegan and for good reason as I live and run better for it. I eat a mainly raw diet and run up mountains all the time, have normal body weight, have plenty of energy and never get ill beyond a mild sniffle.

    I'd suggest reading The China Study and anything by Brendan Brazier for more along this line of thinking and ignore a lot of what appears in RW.

  • Hallo, You are right, I am a rookie forum user. I actually managed to lose the post I had just made, so I hope the sofa was comfortable M.ister W!
    I'm really interested in the ways that 'truths' are developed.

    I'll follow up on your recommendtions XK, thanks.

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