Sleeping vs Resting Heart Rate

Hi All,

I've recently started training with a HR monitor and I'm trying to work ou tmy "resting" HR. 

If I wear my HR monitor overnight, is the minimum value my true resting heart rate (i.e. when I'm alseep) or is the resting heart rate when I'm awake but still, so when I wake up I should lay still for a while then check the monitor for the minimum reading?

Hopefully calculating my HR max won't be as confusing - I'm doing a treaddie max test tomorrow...

Thanks for your help.



  • I wouldn't bother wearing HRM all night, you're more than likely just going to kill the battery. I check it my setting my alarm ten minutes early, putting it on, snoozing and when the next alarm goes, take the avg. Up to you though obviously.

     How are you planning on doing your max test? I've never tried this and would like some pointers.

  • 1e-runner,

    I did my max test today - it hurt! I've got a friend who is a sports scientist and she got me in the lab to do a test on the treadmill. Basically it starts at walking pace and goes up 1kph per min until you can't take any more...she also measured VO2max too so that meant I had to wear an ox mask. You could probably replicate the HR max test in a gym easily enough, though if you really give it some you might come off the back of the treaddie - there was a lovely mattress waiting for me "just in case".
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