Kit Etiquette

A quick question before I dash ofF to work.

I'm racing this weekend at the Tri Ferris Cotswold Super Sprint and I entered using my tri club affiliation.However, I don't have any club kit as yet as I missed out on the order deadline last year.

My question is should I race in ordinary kit or would it be Ok to race in the the Pirate kit I've got.

In general do people only race in Pirate kit if they've flagged their affiliation to PSOF or do people race in Pirate kit when affiliated to other clubs.

I've got a few other races lined up over the coming months including Blenheim, Bala and the Outlaw so I'd be interested in to know as if its Ok so that I'll might be identifiable to the Pirates at Bala and the Outlaw.


  • i raced in pirate kit although I was afficiated to a club last year.............i always race pirate kit because its the only one i have............Its totally up to you.... some people wear club .......

    for running i usually race in running kit though unless its an ultra or a race i'm doing with the piratesimage

    quite often at a little evenyt i'm the only pirate and then people come over and ask me about it as they have seen it in other eventsimage

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    race in whatever you want - if you don't have club kit then you can't quite race in it can you? image

    technically for BTF affiliation my club is tritalk (it's free ffs!) but I won't wear their kit as i don't have any. I have pirate kit and other kit which is more comfy than the pirate stuff. I race pirate kit if there's a big turnout but otherwise I wear what I feel like on the day

  • I'm pretty sure I'm right in saying that (unlike running clubs/races) we are not rule-bound to wear "club" kit. I tend to race in pirate kit as most of my other stuff is tatty training kit.
  • Wear Pirate kit so people can see you. DEFINITELY wear it for Bala.

    Who was it complained after one IM race that he didnt get much support from the Pirates ? Maybe it was cos he wasnt wearing the kit, and you cant cheer everyone at a big race.

  • I don't ever race in my club kit because the design and logos are rubbish.  I always race in pirate kit.
  • Most club kit is rubbish, the best thing about the pirate kit is how distinctive it is and isnt covered in shit logos.
  • I race in Pirate kit whenever I can!! It's also great for supporting/sherpa'ing as well (at least my LS cycling top was in New York). Makes you easy to spot!
  • I'm affiliated to another club but always race in Pirate Kit, just comes down to personal choice, and which you'll get the better support for image

    Even at races where I'm the only Pirate, people still recognise the Kit and shout encouragement.......or abuse 

  • i wear my pirate kit all the time, i'm wearing it right now under work clothes, i even sleep in it, it hasn't been washed since 'the big woody'

  • eughhhh and you were really sweaty that day !
  • i'm really sweaty everyday.

    In all honesty, i used to be a member of triclub and race in club colours, but in the few triathlons i've done and trained for i have recieved more support and information from 'the Pirates' than i ever did from the tri club. And therefore race and train in pirate kit now. And like has been said above it gets you noticed and my EGO just loves being noticed

  • Ok, Pirate kit it is to race in.

    It might even mean that the family spot me for once  image

  • Except for  European and World championships, when the present ruling requires you to wear your country's official kit with your name on the back. The long course "worlds" take place in the German alps this summer and we were all sent a message from the DTU that although anybody can enter, the rules state you have to purchase and wear your country's kit.
  • Ultra Ironwolf wrote (see)
    you have to purchase and wear your country's kit.
    Perhaps Somalia would give us temporary citizenship, they need some positive PR ...
  • Griffin - was it you I spotted on the bike section at the Cotswold Sprint?  i did shout "go pirate" but no idea who it was.  In any event, well done! image
  • Yup that was me. image

    I heard you as I was going passed, I shouted thanks but don't know if you heard. 

    It was great day, even the weather was pretty good for racing, certainly better than I was expecting and the lake was nowhere near as cold as the chap talking through the course on Saturday made it out to be.

    I was chuffed to bits with how it went. Great learning experience to with all the minor (and major hicups).

    Despite all my best efforts to get all of the family up early and out of the house to get there so that I had plenty of time to warm up in the water before the swim I still managed to hit the water as the starter was telling my wave that we had 1 minute to go. Just enough time to stick my hands in the water and splash some on my face before the hooter went. Thank goodness I'm not going to be challenging any fast swimmers as I had no idea what the actual swim course was. 

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