Junior 3K

I'll try here - Does anyone know if there is an age restriction on the 3k for this race please? The website suggests it might be 11-16. My children want to enter (aged 5 and 7) with Mum and Dad running with them. We did this for the Reading Greenpark Challenge and all enjoyed it. I tried emailing the race organisers but haven't heard back. Thanks in advance.


  • Looks as if there is an age restriction on the 10K but says mnothing for thhe 3k so i would say your kids are fine to enter. My 3yr old enters 'little' races and there nevver seems to be an age restriction on them.
  • Hi So slow,

    Many thanks for the reply. However, I have now heard from the organisers. Disappointing, but never mind.

    Apologies for the delay in replying We have a minimum age of 11 to comply with British Athletic Federation rules, and also as requirement of our event insurance. We are also mindful that road running ( i.e on a hard surface) on public roads during delicate developmental age can cause problems in later life - probably this is why BAF set a lower age limit. Sorry to disappoint
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