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Has anybody heard of Tifosi bikes and got a rating for them.  I'm considering getting one on the advice of a bike store who seem to only stock Tifosi for racing/touring, and I'm limited by finance to around £750.  What are the alternatives, and how do they rate?

My requirements are for a general fitness / commuting bike, though not carrying anything on the commute.  If I ever were to get into Triathlons, it would have to be a stepping stone for that too!  (Is that heretical?  I'm not actually a triathlete at the moment but I'm posting here...)

Any comments gratefully received (though please restrict them to the bike, and not my non-triathlete status!image)


  • Tifosi are fine and I have heard of them and seen them around, you aren't spoilt for choice at that price range but you are also not limited to one make, it sounds like your limiter is the dealer in your area.

    Others to look at, Bianchi, Felt, Specialized - to get an idea on whats around have a look at the Evans catalogue or Wiggle and see what choice you have, check out the names and then do a search on the internet for a local dealer in that brand and go and speak to them, don't rush into it, there are deals to be had, and don't be afraid to go for last years model because its last years, you may find you get a better deal as the exchange rate at the time of ordering was better and this years prices have done up. 

    To be honest around that price range the worst mistake to make is getting the wrong fit bike, don't buy one off his shelf cos he says its a great deal, buy one because you like it and it fits.

    And no, you aren't a heretic, everyone starts somewhere, as for being a non triathlete, welcome to the forum image

    Remember - fit (right size), looks (does it match my eyes/outfit), sale price (am I getting a good deal), in that order. Well, OK, fit ...... then anything in any order.

  • Ratzer I bought a Tifosi as my main commuter nearly 7 years ago now and I still use it on a weekly basis, brilliant bike for the money I paid at the time ( about £900 ) and I haven't regretted my purchase for a second.
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    Thanks for the comments.  Definitely not an off-the-peg bike, Iron Rose, but was puzzled by the lack of choice.  The guy did talk all about the fit and coming back with the bike after 100miles or so to ensure good fit and make any necessary adjustments.  I will have a quick look at the other names though.

    Lirish, that's a great recommendation, thanks!

  • I thought about one, but to be fair the guy in my LBS looked at my shape, the geometry of the bike, and we decided it wasn't worth building for me to try!

    I got a Cannondale CAAD8.  I like it, but don't have anything much to compare it too, my background is mountain biking & I borrowed a cyclocross bike with slick tyres for my first tri.  I'm hoping that I'll be a little faster on this, since I've been able to practice on it so know how to use the gears!

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    Ratzer - the Tifosi is likely a mass produced frame which will be sold under different names with different stickers on - nothing wrong in that it's the way bike manufacturers keep their prices down.   What it means is the frame is probably pretty much as good as any other around that price.  When you add in the wheels and other kit some bikes will have a slightly better frame, others a slightly better set of wheels etc but there wont be much of a difference - as Rosey says - just make sure the fit is right for you.

    One thing to add - as you want it as an all round bike to commute on as well as maybe race I'd get something with proper clearance and mudguard eyes.   Race frames with those features are pretty thin on the ground but worth seeking out if you intend riding through winter.   I don't know if the Tifosi fits that criteria but alternatives might include the Racelight T and TK (if they still make them).   

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    Thanks for further comments.  That's good info, popsider, and shop-man already quoted me for the mudguards so I'm guessing it's not a race frame.  I told him commuting primarily, but fast.  We've had a chat since and the only thing he wanted my decision over was campagnolo vs shimano.  I'm a bike numpty.  Shimano made BMX when I was cycling, but I know they make gears now.  He says campagnolo is better, but then something about them being more expensive because they only make them in tens now, then suddenly he managed to source campagnolo cheaper than shimano.  So we're going campagnolo.  I hope that's alright...

    Anyway, it's still a quote on paper, and I'm still looking around.

  • there is a huge opinion on shimano v campag but for a biking newbie whatever you start with, you will probably stay with, both are good choices, in fact there aren't many more choices in your price range to be fair so you are limited again but at the top end both can get very expensive with Campag edging the non electronic pricing by a fair bit. 

    And they are expensive for parts as they are in short supply in the retail market at the moment and its a captive audience, we all need spares so demand is outstripping supply hence expense.

    Once you get it, look after it and it will last longer. 

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