Relay team name needed

Doing the Hairy Haggis relay in a few weeks & I need help with a team name!

4 people, all female. Me, my mum (non-runner), my aunt (non-runner) & a runner friend. Variety of ages.

Nothing offensive but something funny.


  • We were 3 Jocks and a wee lass fae London... It doesn't appear anywhere other than on the final results page and even then it's not there until about a week later... I think we were just under Mr CS name in the paper when the results were listed in there.

    Sorry, that doesn't help much.... Erm are you all going for a theme in the clothing dept???

  • The Hot Haggis Haremimage
  • Caz - Are you doing it again this year?

    Hoose - Not bad, I like how you're sticking to the Scottish theme!

  • ta K8 - a collective of hot  wimmin going hotfoot in Scotland -it just made senseimage
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭


    Do the standard and put "NADS" on your shirts.  People just love yelling "GO NADS!!"  I don't know why.

    Black Widows?  You have eight legs... (I hope!)  Scottish Black Widows?  Could get sponsorship.


  • Some of the team may object to having "Go Nads" shouted at them.

    As we have 8 legs between us, Black Widows will go in the suggestion pot.

  • Norfolk and Chance is a good name if you say it quickly.image

    Especially if you've got a Geordie accent.image

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