PUMA Hellrunner: Hell Up North (Morning Glory)

Just signed up for this with a few work colleagues. Yikes!image

Anyone done this? Am I crazy for entering.image



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    Don't worry! Think of it as a hard trail race with a few hills & the odd swamp! Nothing to be scared of. Just train lots of hills! image

    I did last years race. It was bonkers fun.

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    Hellrunner is addictive.


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    It is indeed. I've entered for this year too. One of my fave races.  image
  • Miss KneesMiss Knees ✭✭✭
    Did down south last year, in it again this year. Love it and hate it all at the same time image

    And it's not as bad as you think it will be image
  • It's great fun, where else will you see 1500 sweaty/muddy/grinning adults on a Sunday morning 
  • Thanks everyone image

    I've done a half marathon before which was relatively flat. I'm expecting this to be much harder. Am I right?

  • Miss KneesMiss Knees ✭✭✭
    I think they are both as bad as each other but this one is MUCH more satisfying IMO image

    It's broken up more on Hell so you don't have the monotonous plod plod plod...and the mud and water make it much more fun. The cold is unbelievable but once you've done it you want to do it again lol image I think everyone should do it image
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    Just throw in plenty of hill training & you'll be fine. And some off road races or training, trail or fell, so you get used to the ground being uneven.

    I actually wasn't cold at all last year. I found the Bog of Doom surprisingly warm. Well, maybe not warm, but it wasn't that cold. All depends on the weather of course. It wasn't icy last year.

    It's just a good laugh & the atmosphere on the start line is exciting.

    Don't go off too fast, as most of the hard stuff is in the second half.

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    Bright you get about alot this is another primate at monkey world I have used as nickname just Ash
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    Ash, I've only just got used to the name Dinda......image

    You like Hills Michael, you should try Hellrunner!!!! image

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    Eyam half on sunday
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    That's all very nice Ash deary....but when you gonna get your feet wet on a race, hmm??? What's wrong with a nice muddy swamp!! image
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    Hepworth Dryad at the end of June now you should do that it is great fun
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    Does it have a swamp??!! image
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    no but runs though fields tracks and roads
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    I need to see Ash in a swamp.....image image image A deep muddy one...... image
  • Thinking to do this as something new, so far only did road runs which starts to be a bit boring... I guess I won't be bored in this one image?

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    You certainly won't be bored Darina. Get practising on some hills.... image
  • I have done this twice now and loved it each time. Funny memories of a bloke running past me with only one trainer on and some poor woman falling flat on her face in the mud!! Ace stuff.
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    I love it when people lose their shoes in the swamps.... image And it's ALWAYS the one with the chip on!!!
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    Me and hubby have just entered this as it sounds like a scream, my daughter starts sencondary school in Sept and I have visions of her being completely embarrassed when she tells her mates what her parents will be doing this weekend!!

     Better get some training in?, we have loads of hill walking/climbing experience but no hill running!!! do all our runs on the flat or off road, not many hills where we live unfortunately

  • im in now just entered
  • I've just entered and reading all of the previous messages on this thread has made me really excited! BOG OF DOOM <3  !!!
  • Haven't done this one before but I'm going to this year. Hello again Bright Bimbler!
  • Has anyone done this before? I usually run on roads but am wondering if I sould buy some off-roaders for running this in.  Any advice?
  • mikelfc www.coastersgb.co.uk wrote (see)
    Haven't done this one before but I'm going to this year. Hello again Bright Bimbler!

    Hey Mike, me too !! ... Maybe we should bring Barry along he should be finished by then.

  • Hi Bruce,

    Definitely bring him, can't have him getting lazy after he gets back to Blackpool. That would be really good if Coasters took Barry to runs they're doing around the country. We need a Book Barry thread I reckon!

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    Hi Mike. *waves*

    Trail shoes would be good Sarah. Most of it is on tracks, so not too slippy if you only had road shoes I guess. Once you are in a swamp it really doesn't matter too much what's on your feet....they'll probably get sucked off in the mud anyway!!
  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭

    i did it last year in regular running trainers - they were fine on the trails as the weather had been fairly dry, and the really muddy bits were tricky for everyone. Trail shoes wouldn't make any difference in the bog either - that's slippery whatever you're wearing!

    main thing is to do the laces up tightly - i saw 2 people lose trainers in the mud - and if possible wear old trainers that can be binned afterwards - mine weren't fit for anything!

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    I personally wouldn't worry about wrecking your shoes. Trail shoes are meant to get muddy. It won't do them any harm! I wore my new Innov8's, & they came out of the washing machine sparkling! I'd prefer decent shoes for something like this, rather than old ones with no grip left.
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