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Im considering my first Triathlon style bike and looking at the 2010 Felt B2

I must admit that I know nothing about bikes and am considering it based on appearance alone, however due to the cost I would also like to know if its a reasonable bike or if you have alternative suggestions I really would like to keep suggestions around the same price if possible

Thanks for your time


  • Fit is critical. Felts are good quality.

    Google bikefit, it really is that important

  • well you're getting Dura Ace shifting & rear mech with it, top of the range - so that for a start is excellent. With carbon frame, aerodynamic and dura ace- you're getting a lot for your money. However if you afford a little more have a look at the Felt AR3, it has SRAM red components, carbon & areodynamic with some nice wheels on it too.

  • I have just spent 3 weeks waiting for a Felt B2 to be delivered.....

    Ignore any web site saying delivery in 5 to 10 days... No one has one  !

    Finally given up.....

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    It's a time trial bike vs the AR3 which is a road bike - so you really need both !   

    I would do some research into the wheels -looks like it comes with 40mm deep rimmed wheels with alu braking surface which is potentially a good choice for an all round all conditions race wheel  - but there will probably be faster wheels on the market than them if you were willing to pay close to a grand for a set. 

    I wouldn't put too much weight on what mechs, cassette etc it comes with - they all do the same job and a tiny weight penalty isn't much of a consideration on a triathlon bike.   

    Fit is first and foremost though and that bike has a much more extreme position than a road bike so you need to be sure.  

  • Depending on your size my mate who owns/runs a bike shop has a lovely, and I mean lovely B12 in the shop for sale in Warrington.

    And yep, agree with AL the AR3 is a lovely bike but its a road bike, I think the remit was tri bike. Others in the price range are the Wilier Tri Crono, the Bianchi D2, Cervelo P3

    Personally I like the Wilier Cento Crono but I currently don't have £3.5k for a frame and forks !!

  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)

    I have just spent 3 weeks waiting for a Felt B2 to be delivered.....

    Ignore any web site saying delivery in 5 to 10 days... No one has one  !

    Finally given up.....

    I'll speak to a Felt rep on Monday about that for you Dave and find out what the situation is.
  • The situation is Royles are building me a Cervelo !!

    Got fed up with every place I rang saying no problem with you in a couple of days, and then ringing back and saying Ah.....

    OK So I know I'm 6ft4 and therefore want a 58cm bike, But its been a really carp month

  • I had a felt bike once, it got wet in the rain and went all floppy.
  • I have Felt bike - it had a problem - v.minor but it affected the line of the rear wheel, so quite an impact. Two photos and Felt sent my bike dealer a new frame - due to stock availability of my model/size it had to come from the U.S.

    Took them a whole two weeks to give me a new frame, which was agreed overnight based on a couple of photos (and ultimately the returned frame I suppose). They upgraded the frame to the UHM from the HM Z35 to a Z25.

    Felt after service is great. And that is not just because I got better frame, I was happy with the first one. They made a decision quickly, they told me the decision. They kept me informed of delivery and when it got to the UK they overnighted it to the dealer - who swapped the parts the day it arrived.

    When you are spending that money a bike you want to know they will back it up- my experience says they will.


  • I have a Felt bike. A Q24, well actually it's my 9 year olds, but it's very well screwed together and doesn't keep throwing the chain like his Specialized did.
  • Thanks for all the information, looks like its a great bike then as such im ordering one.
  • Hope someone is actually able to deliver it
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