mizuno wave rider 13 or precision 10

i am a neutral runner who weighs 9st and i am 5ft 4. i have not been running for a month due to shin splints and i want to start running again. i was just wondering which shoes to buy out of mizuno wave rider 13 and precision 10.

any help would be greatly appreciated


  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭
    I have suffered with shinsplints in the past whilst running with support shoes. I changed to Waverider 13s and have had no problems; this is after 18 weeks mara training and a few weeks before. Sorry I don't know anything about the Precision 10s.
  • I've got waveriders and I like them but you need to go and try them on and see what they feel like and how you run in them.
    I think the precisions are quite a bit heavier and are probably suited better to heavier runners who need lots of cushioning and support.
    Get yourself down to a running shop and try lots of differant shoes on until you find one that feels right, it doesn't really matter what brand they are.

    Good luck
  • Not sure Madlot is correct, the Precision is a lighter weight shoe than the Wave Rider. Precision is more for faster paced running and racing. The fact that you are light means you could get away with Precision for your general training, but as you've had shin splints I would suggest erring on the side of caution and going for the Riders.

    Go to a shop and try them (and other shoes) on though, different shoes suit different people

  • Apologies, I was thinking of the Creations.

    Stupid boy!!!
  • Hi, I've got all 3. I use precisions for short races upto 10km, I use my riders for HM and I need the extra cushioning of the creations for when I do marathons. I would say it depends on the distance you intend using them for.
  • thankyou everyone for your help, i will be purchasing some mizuno wave rider 13's
  • Good choice. I'm a Mizuno fan and use the Riders for slower/longer runs and the Precisions for speedwork.
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