Cross Training

I'm trying hard to increase my fitness / lose weight. However I'm concious not to "over train" as last time I did I injured my ITBS.

I'm running currently 3 - 4 times a week. I want to go to the gym a couple of times on top.

What equipment can I use that will not contribute to injury causing exercise. E.g. the elliptical cross trainer I assume is ok but are equipment step masters, rowers etc ok as well?

Your advice will be appreciated.




  • I've really taken to C2 rowing for non-impact cardio as well as spin classes for cross training.  Both burn a good 500-600 calories an hour.
  • Hi Nam - I've been spinning - great work out - very tough!


  • So is it only impact you need to avoid on your rest / cross training day?

    Would the stair master count as impact?

  • Running is good you can lose weight and remain fit. Instead of choosing equipment of your choice it's better to ask some trainer which equipment suits best to your body..


  • When my ITBS is/was at its worse, I can rely on the indoor rower for cross training. The rowing helps me with core strengthening, particularly the glutes (glutes/tfl strengthening was needed for my case). I get no ITB pain with rowing.

    I've got into the rowing and ended up buying one.

    I've used eliptical trainers as part of rehab, and steppers, but for me rowing is my preference.

    If you looked at the FIRMAN institutes FIRST running plans, these are based on 3 runs plus 2 cross training sessions. Their recommendations for minimising injury risk is swim, bike or row, They are not keen on weight bearing cross trainers. I don't use their plans but it provides you with some publshed thoughts on cross training. Just a note of caution on FIRST plans - they are quite intense, and if you fear injury, may not be appropriate
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