Hi everyone,

I'm just starting out with running. I work 4 days a week,am studying for a degree and have 3 kids,husband,house and countless animals to look after. I'm looking to run for basic cardio fitness and stress relief (which I need desperately right now!).I'm also planning on going to a yoga class and cycling to and from work once a week.

I'm am unfit and couldnt run to the top of the street with getting a stitch. Im hoping for some suggestions on how to build some training into my schedule.

Thanks in advance. 


  • walk, run, walk, run.  Same again but a bit longer running.  And repeat.

    But seriously google couch to 5k.  My other half is doing this for a race for life run and she is doing ok.

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    Here's a good place to start
  • Im not sure of Race For Life gives a programme on its website?? It might not even be too late to contemplate a run/ walk programme and enter a RFL near you?? Honestly, there are loads of women who just walk the race, its a real fun day out, and no pressure.

    Also keep a tab on the threads on the RW forum (ie here!), esp the Beginers section. You will find loads of other folk all in the same boat as yourself.

    Good luck!!

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  • I started running 15 months ago and could only run for a minute.

    I bought a book called "Running made easy" and followed the walk run plan from that but there are many internet plans. Just do not go too quick at the start as I did that 3 years ago and got shin splints and then gave up.

    15 months later I just completed a half marathon 5 weeks ago and now run about 25 miles a week. I have cut back recently due to a knee injury but that has nothing to do with running ( I twisted it getting over a fence). I am doing the Bupa 10k next week.

    It can be hard fitting everything in. I work nightshifts and have 3 kids and work for weight wacthers as well but I priorotise my running and even run home after a nightshift if i cannot fit it in any other time. I love running and could not be without it, it is the BEST stress buster ever. Sometimes if I am having a stressful day at work or with the kids the thought of my run later keeps me going!


  • Thanks for that everyone.

    I am walking the race for life next sunday with my sister. looking forward to it.

  • Pamela, welcome to the forum.
    Reading your first post, you are juggling alot on your plate. Work, study, kids, hubby, animals.
    You adding running, yoga and cycling to your list.

    The first thing to do is plan your week. Making sure your time is planned so everything fits.
    You have alot to deal with and adding extra can lead to tireness and stress. So please
    plan your week. I would start by running once to twice a week. Start with 1 mile, then
    progress when you feel ready. Don't push yourself. So will gradually start to feel the
    benefits as you progress.

    Cycling to work is excellent. Depending on the distance. Very sensible to do this
    once a week. But if you feel the benefit, increase this to two a week. Remember, it
    takes time and progress to achieve your results.

    You have priorities which takes up your time. Work, study and family are the prime examples.
    If you find time for getting yourself fit and strong, then good for you. But please don't
    push yourself which could undermine your priorities.

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