Hill Training

Hello all

 As I live in a quite flat area, I am thinking of doing some Hill training on a treadmill.  Does anybody do this and do you do it in place of a road session?

 I have my first ever races soon, a 6k in a couple of weeks then a 5k in June and  want to get a good as time as possible.


  • I tell you I ran hills all winter on my gym treadmill and it did me the world of good. I recently ran the race with undulating terrain and I must say it has paid off as I overtook many runners up the hills, some of them quite steep. On treadmill I start off at 0% incline and slow jog of maybe 9km/h and every minute increase the incline. By minute 10 when I am doing it at 10% it's hard. I stop at 10%. I repeat this whole thing 2,3 times with a few minutes slow jog in between for recovery.
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