Giro vs TdF

I think this years Giro will be more entertaining, what do you lot think?


  • Obviously out of those two, there are many things more entertaining than bike races such as watching forum ladies mud wrestle in trisuits.

  • The TdF for me cos muppet telly arent showing the Giro

    and I am not showing anyone up with my mudwrestling abilities
  • i've only followed cycling a few years but the giro has always been more exciting i think.  more exciting route.  ridiculously steep climbs.  i think the main thing is that the GC contendors are always going all out to win.  in the tdf (in my unimportant opinion) people for the most part are protecting their 7th position or 4th position by the third week and won't risk it all in a do or die attempt to improve their lot.

    the giro route looks a little boring for the most part till the final week this year.  i haven't even bothered looking at the tdf route as i imagine it'll be the usual boring stuff.  i'll still be watching every minute of the tdf though!  i guess what makes teh tdf so good is its importance to the cycling world and sports world in general.  i doubt alot of tdf fans even know the giro exists.

    following the lance armstrong stuff this year has been funny.  especially on the cyclingnews forum.  although lance does look pretty lean now so perhaps he's going to do well again.

  • I think the Giro has been more exciting than the Tour for the last few years - be interesting to see how it pans out this year and who end up being the main contenders because alot of the big names aren't there
  • that final day of proper racing on the ventoux was pretty amazing though and cav finishing off on sunday.

    it'll be good this year to see how wiggo goes in tdf and giro.  the first year i followed cycling in 2005 there wasn't even a brit in the tdf, let alone brits being in the GC and sprints.

  • Been watching the Giro TT in Amstedam this afternoon... the crowds were great and it was impressive how fast they zoomed past!

    Cycling on tv....still not sold on it...

  • These both sound good events - where do I enter.image

    Will my pirate kit arrive in time?


  • Loving the giro - and as pointed out already - there's quite a few big names missing - it looks pretty open - plus wiggins is in pink already. And the giro often hits some stupid steep hills - I think the zoncalan is back this year ?

    I can't see anyone touching contador in the tour so it should be a rerun of the last few years. Zzzzz.
  • 1. Smiffy gets entertainment from his Giro? Get a jaaarrrb.

    2. "watching forum ladies mud wrestle in trisuits". Ahh, Southwater looms again.

    No, truthfully, I have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Here you go Dusty, this might help.
  • Zoncolan is a week on Sunday...

    Loved Tyler Farrar not see'ing the traffic bollard today, Looks like Transitions lenses aren't really that good

  • lol he did ok at the end tho didn't he?

  • how many crashes were there today it seemed in the last 30k every minute there was a crash
  • come july maybe one of armstrongs buddies will be nudging contador into some street furniture.

    i was going to write in my opening email about the spectacular crashes in the Giro but didn't want to give hte impression that was one of the reasons to watch it!  but the giro really does have hte biggest crashes.  i remember once the road was so wet (or ices, or both!) in italy that 50 riders simultaneously had their wheels slip out form underneath them.

  • Oh yes JD - we were just talking about that at the weekend - it had poured down but something was on the road - riders were going in a straight line and then all of a sudden on the deck.  Very few injuries though cos they slid for aaages.  It was a cross between cycling and curling.
  • [splutter]
  • Zoncolan.  Jeepers, that is steep.  I'm surprised Smiffy hasn't suggested a cycling holiday in Italy before now.
  • Give him time...

    Rest day today to let them get over the long transfer yesterday. Wiggins wasn't at his hotel at 1am today !

    Not happy about Vino (boo!) in pink. Hope he loses it soon.
  • 12:35 Charlie W made it to the hotel......
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