Farnham Pilgrim Half Marathon

I didn't notice until after I had entered image


  • Hi LWJ - I'm doing this one too!image
  • Hi Runnaholic - excellent.  

    I haven't been running for ages due to injury and i've started to get lazey image so i sat on here last night and entered the first half marathon i came across without even reading the profile.   At least i have something to aim for now image

  • I entered this some months ago as a pre-race to Greensand Marathon - haven't been running the last few days - dammed flu! - and have to miss my Somerset race today as still heavy-headed & feverish. Have been hoping to gauge my fitness in today's race for next month's Midsummer Munro HM.  The niggles in the left foot seem to have disappeared though, maybe the enforced rest (!) helped, will have to see when I go out for a gentle trot either tomorrow or Tuesday.
  • Just entered this one! will be a new one for me. Sounds alittle like the Leek Half Marathon in Staffordshire.
  • I'm probably going to do this, but the Bacchus marathon the week before sounds quite delightful though, running and wine!
  • Well Done everyone that was a tough one! No PB for me, I'm aching all over.
  • Phew, yes tough indeed - those 'undulations' did go on a bit! I only did the half. The full marathon runners began their race while I was in the car getting there and were still finishing when I got in the car to come home so I can't imagine what they went through.
    A marshall said they were expecting 800 runners and it looked about that many. It was fantastically organised, especially as this was the Lion Club's first race at the venue. It was well marked and marshalled all the way round and considering the headache of a horse race criss-crossing the course at the same time - the mind boggles about how many meetings they must have had to organise this one.
    There were loads of water/Ribena stops along the way as well as two or three feed stations of biscuits and chocolate.
    The marshalls were simply marvellous in their support and directions and really listened to what the runners were saying after the race so they can improve next year. Personally I don't think they could improve - apart from making the distance shorter - My Garmin notched up 13.7 miles! Oh and my husband says a bacon sarnie van would have been useful at the start for spectators.... one did turn up but not until well after the races had started and the crowds had dispersed to watch the runners on route.
    Thanks - it was brill!
  • Agree with you, DD re organisation and people and course - very hilly but beautiful at the same time. I enjoyed it but my ITBS did flared up a little towards the end so foam roller working overtime!image

    My Garmin logged 13.13miles, and I thought it was spot on. You didn't take a detour, did you?image

    The atmosphere at the start/finish was great too - that's why I like small off-road eventsimage

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