Hi All,

I ran 10k today and wanted to ask what you all think is a reasonable time to complete this distance?



  • Its all relative Phoenix

    My first 10k was done in 57 minutes, my 10 PB is now 52 mintues. 

    Lots of folks I know can do it a lot, a lot quicker than that. 

  • rather vague question that can have a wide reply depending on your age, level of fitness, running experience.

    I know people that can do a 10k in 35 mins while my time is 50 mins, others take over the hour.

    You would need to give more info on yourself first before people reply

  • I have never got under an hour, sigh. and my other half just did his first 10k race and managed 46 mins! More sighing
  • Thanks guys! I completed 10k in 64 minutes, I am 23 and am primarily a weight trainer so quite heavy. I am 5ft7 and weigh just under 15 stone.

    I have always enjoyed running and have my first HM in September.

    I dont have much but I will reduce my fat percentage to help make lighter and keep working on increasing my speed.

    10k in 35 mins!!! WHAAAAT! I will put that to the back of my mind for the time being.

    I am going to enter a marathon next year.

    Any advice???? Apologies for being vague! 50 mins for 10k sounds wicked

  • I think a sub 60m 10k is the bench mark to aim for.

    Sub 50min is a good standard, sub 45 very good, sub 40 fantastic.

  • TBH, your first 10k is all about just doing the distance IMO, someone could go out and bang out a 45min 10k on their first, others might do it in 70+mins.

    Sub hour is a decent benchmark though, took me a year to get from 64mins to 58mins.

  • northern snail wrote (see)

    rather vague question that can have a wide reply depending on your age, level of fitness, running experience.

    I know people that can do a 10k in 35 mins while my time is 50 mins, others take over the hour.

    Don't forget though 'Phoenix', the actual course profile (how flat, or hilly it is), and weather conditions, count for a lot.

    Running Kev wrote (see)

    I think a sub 60m 10k is the bench mark to aim for.

    Sub 50min is a good standard, sub 45 very good, sub 40 fantastic.

    I know runners who would 'kill' to get under the hour for a 10K, others who get grumpy if they're over 40:00

    As for me?, my first 10K was 45:18, my last one was 43:56 (wanted 41:00, but it was way too windy on the 'way out')

    All in all, this is a 'String' question (as in; 'how long is a piece of'), but it's one we've all probably asked at some point in our life as runners.

    I know I have in the pastimage (& still do about anticipated Fell-Race finishing times)

  • PL - For me, I`ve found that I get great satisfaction from improving my times so just have a crack at different races, set a time and then look at how you can go about beating it. In less than a year, I`ve improved my half time from just over 2 hours to 1:45 which I did yesterday and I`ve trimmed 5 minutes off my 10k time to get it down to 44image#. So whatever you get, have fun trying to improve upon it!
  • I did my first 10k a few weeks ago in 43.07 on a hilly course, I have been running just over 5 months 34yrs old and under 10 stone. But I ran a half marathon first not a bad time of 1hr41. I am hoping if i get a flat 10k to do it in or around 41. But I have been running around 40 to 50miles a week and cycling around 100miles for the last month or so.

    You can only get better times, you will drop minutes on every race as you get fitter and lighter, for me I am just chasing the sub 40 10k. How do I get there, I just have to run faster.

    Good luck on your future running.

  • My first (and only to date) 10k time is 62 minutes. Was the first run I ever did and trained for and at the time, it felt like a huge distance and an hour felt like some sort of surreal super quick time.

    I was training for a half marathon a few months ago (before injury - Grr!!) and on a casual training run I did an 'unofficial' 10k in 57 minutes. If it hadn't been for that injury I would have been aiming for sub-53 in my next 10k, but as it stands I am just going to go for anything under an hour (assuming it doesnt flare up again!).

    I aim to get sub-40 one day, maybe down to 35 at a push image

  •  Hi, my first 10k time was 48.48 on a hilly course. I've just done the bracknell 1/2 marathon in 1h43m.

    I'm 29 and about 13 stone.

  • i'm really hoping to get below 50 in Manchester on Sunday (crowds permitting)

    I did about 52 this morning in my last distance training of the week.

     I don't look at my times while i'm running i just use the stopwatch on  my ipod, which is theen tucked out of the way..... perhaps i should invest in decent sports watch to keep tabs and get myself moving earlier.

  • My first 10k was in November and I just hit the 60 minute mark. I hit the training hard and was getting sub 50 minutes in training but moved house and haven't trained as much recently. Did a Glasgow 10k yesterday, the mens health forum in 52.32 as was pretty pleased but I hope to be running sub 45 within a year or so.
    I have my first half marathon in September too, will just be happy to get round that for now!
  • My first ever 10k was a couple of months ago, I did it in 69mins, the next one was 64 & then yesterday I did my first 10k official race & got under 60mins! Woo hoo, go me, I did it in 59 mins 42 secs. I'm pleased beyond belief with myself. 

     The person who won yesterday did it in a mind bogglingly quick 35 mins. The thing I've found with running is that you're competing with yourself a lot of the time, not with anyone else. Of course there's an element of  competing with other runners but the satisfaction I feel about yesterday's race is not  with my race position but my time & the fact that I did it!

    I'm 31, weigh 8 1/2 stone & have been running a few months.

  • AHD wrote (see)

    i'm really hoping to get below 50 in Manchester on Sunday (crowds permitting)

    Angela, I have faith in you.

    If you can run the 'Trunce' with the mud, the Woods, & river crossings, you should have got that 'PB'

  • If you could be interested in a standardised piece of string, may I introduce you to age-graded WAVA calculations.

  • Hi, I did my first 10k yesterday. My time was nowhere near as good as any above. I did it in 71 minutes. I'm pleased with it though because my goal was to get the whole way around without walking. I managed that. I obviously am going to work at getting that time down now by my next 10k which is in September.
  • Hey, well done Cymru!
  • Thanks image
  • hi , iam 36 years old female , iam 5 5 , i weight 135 pounds , i just started running 3 month ago , and it feels just wonderful , i strugle with breath , i breath from my mouth , , any tips of how to change that, i just did my first 5 k ,  finished in 27 mintues , i will do my first 10 k in 3 month , how to build speed  , as speed is my weakness , i still can not run the whold distance , and walk in between , as i losse breath , thanks ,  i t so great to be here with runners like you


  • Hi Amany

    The best way to increase speed is hill work, as you climb up you have too work harder which is the equivilant to running faster on the flat.  Try and incorporate a route that has at least a medium hill in it also try shortening you walking distance slowly and gradually increase the running.

    With regard to breathing, i breath through my mouth while running and its isn't a problem for me.  My advise would be to regulate it, i breath out on every second strike of my left foot and slowly breath in during the rest, it works for me.

    With regard to speed, take it at your own pace, the only person you should be competing against is yourself.

    I ran the brighton Half Marathon this year in 2 Hours 6 minutes, feb 2012, which i was delighted with.  Unfortunatley 2 weeks later i broke my tibia plateau and collar bone in a freak running accident. I have a metal plate in my knee with 9 screws and also a plate and screws in my collar bone.  Yesterday i ran the beddington park 10K in 62 mins, which although a lot slower than i used too run for me was a personal achievement.

    Don't get caught up with what you think you should be able to do it in and just enjoy it.  Running is supposed to be fun!!

  • dear paul , 

    i can not thank you enough for you encouraging and inspiring  comment.  i highly treasure advice from experts likeyourself and i will incorporate more hill workout, as for the breathing i got improved a lot since i wrote this post.iam terribly sorry about your accident ,  but your determination is really inspiring , you are back on track and running this is just amazing ,  it is people like you who inspire me every day , i think  being  hero is not about saving the world , it is about being able to keep moving no matter what  obstacles you face , i think running  brings the best of people , i sign up for my half marathon next april , iam so exicted thanks a million for your wonderful feedback HAPPY RUNNING 

    the only person you should be competing against is yourself. you made my day

  • paul any adivce on shin splints?? 

  •  Hi Amany

    Unfortunatley i only had them once, right at the begining of jogging, i just carried to jog through them and they went away, although i did only jog 3 times a week.

    Make sure you dont overdo it, your legs need to recuperate between runs.

    good luck with the training

  • Hi amany, am a newbie here myself and the only time I have shin pain is when I've been running downhill too quickly for my current stamina. I found that by slowing down the pain eased but not sure that would help everybody sorry. I can now run a fair bit faster before the pain starts again so slow it down again.

  • andi thanks dear , i found a link of how to strengthen you chins iam starting doing these exercises ,

    calf rasises, toe walking , heel walking and toe  tapping 

    , thanks again HAPPY RUNNING ALL

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