Anyone tried Reebok's Zigtech?

My husband's just got back from America and was telling me about these trainers he saw while he was there.  I've had a quick look around Google and there seems to be people for and against them.  I just wondered if anyone here had tried them yet.  Not that I'm thinking of buying any.....I'm more than happy with my Brooks  image


  • Gosh, what a deafening silence!!  74 views and no responses  image  Reading a little more about these, they seem to be a bit of a marketing gimmick and certainly not anything that will take off in any serious way at all.  One reviewer raised concerns about grit and gravel becoming stuck in the gaps.  I think I'd be worried about dog poo, too!!!  image
  • 74 views and no responses  haha im the one
  • Hi Polly,

    Saw these prominently advertised in the US Runner's World this month and from the pics thought they were another "barefoot-running" type shoe, along the lines of Nike Frees (which I swear by, incidently, although you are right about the gravel and dog poo, etc!).

    However, they say that the sole "propels you forward, while reducing wear and tear on leg muscles by up to 20%", so maybe they are supposed to offer some sort of energy return. They quote a couple of athletes who both use them for recovery runs, but I can't see the point of an energy-return shoe then. Seems like a confusing message from the marketing people, but maybe the shoes are ok.

  • Yeah, it is rather confusing.  As others have said, why would you want to reduce the amount your muscles are working.  Surely, the point of running is to use muscles more to build them up?  What's the point of getting the shoe to do the work?  Very odd  image

  • I haven't worn them yet but i'm planning on trying them out... i think they look great! Apparently Amir Khan has been wearing them whilst running and training.

    I think the point in them is not that they reduce the amount your muscles work but reduce the stress thats put on them and the rest of your body. Helping you to run further without suffering constant injuries.

  • Iust heard these are coming out in the UK soon. Interested to try them.

    One of the retailers explains it a bit more.

     Reebok ZigTech works

  • It looks like nonsense.  How fast will your feet need to be moving to make use of any, if any, energy that's transferred through the sole.  The soft heel will absord any energy and dissipate it around your heel, so what's left for the energy transfer.  May as well get some MBTs.
  • That's a fair point, but my biggest worry is the lack of medial posts to stop pronation.

  • Do they come with Neon lights as well (tongue firmly in cheek!!)
  • Now that would be cool!
    I've managed to preorder some reebok zigtech! very excited.

  • I've just won a pair and they've just arrived . Off to try em out for a 15 miler x
  • Have you tried them out much yet? They've just become available to view here: I've put my name down to be alerted as soon as they are available to buy! They look great!

  • Everyone in my running club laughs at m when I wear them image but they're just jealous I got them free!! They are actually really great. Got first lady in the Wolverhampton half (35+) on Sunday, so feeling the love for them even more! There is a review coming from me about them on the Ransacker Running Facebook page as it is them who gave them to me to try x

  • Got to say that They've caught my eye as well via the ads and promotions... and am tempted to give them ago out of pure curiousity. Ive been experimenting for a year now with different makes but have yet to find any make/model thats as good as the Asics 21## range in my opinion.
  • they look utterly, utterly horrendous

    reebok lost the plot long ago IMO
  • Thought the shoes were a Reebok advertising gimmick !
  • Reebok brought out classic running shoe,s such asthe  'Paris racer',' Colonge distance spike' and 'GL6000s' in the mid 1980s
  • Didn't they do a fell shoe as well "Wildrunner"? I had a pair - much the same as Walsh's, they were fab, just a bit narrow for my feet.
  • Yes they did Wildrunner. These were really good off road/cross country shoes andthey alo made the amazing Paris racers.These and Nikes 'Spiridon Gold' are my 2 favourite racing shoes, ever ! Showing my age though !!
  • Opps, the above link will show a pic of the Reebok Paris Racers. ( I hope !)
  • I want to try them. but ther to expensive without reading enough reviews. and i cant find any. I have seen amir khan using them, but he doesnt run 50+ miles a week.
  • Adam Smith 27 wrote (see)

    Iust heard these are coming out in the UK soon. Interested to try them.

    One of the retailers explains it a bit more.

     Reebok ZigTech works

     I expect Amir Khan uses these shoes for the same reason Lewis Hamilton uses them. Sponsorship deals pay them to do so !!

    What nobody can seem to clarify is who these shoes are suitable for as everything I have read about these shoes, including the link provided above where the follow statement is made.

    "Reebok ZigTech trainers are designed to help you run further and faster, allowing you to train harder for longer with reduced risk of injury. They do this by providing lots of cushioning while using their unique ZigTech sole unit to channel the power generated at heelstrike through the shoe, propelling you forward at toe off."

    As such I have the following question :- Im a mid foot striker as such no power would be generated at heal strike which means the shoe would not act in the manner suggested as such is it only suitable for strong heal strikers?

    I personally thought it was a heavy shoe when I picked it up in the store .

  • When are running shoe manufacturers going to have the guts to start producing stripped down versions of their shoes. That/s what we need, not more 'stuff' on them. And stop pandering to the perception thet heel striking is normal!
  • Squeakz - If you land on the midfoot, you should avoid these like the plague. The heel is so built up they'll push you right onto your toes. The advertising reads 'when you're pounding the pavement' - I find this offensive. It's as if they're endorsing over striding / straightening, i.e braking with every stride, giving your tibialis anterior hell. The fastest runners at my club are also the quietest - with a snappy pick up action. They don't pound the ground at all.

    These things are just plain wrong. 

  • dibbers wrote (see)
    When are running shoe manufacturers going to have the guts to start producing stripped down versions of their shoes. That/s what we need, not more 'stuff' on them. And stop pandering to the perception thet heel striking is normal!

    My pet theory is that it takes months of conditioning to be a decent, injury-free forefoot striker. If every casual jogger knew they'd need to develop their muscles, practice drills and increase mileage very cautiously, they'd be more likely to use gym machines or swim to keep fit. Shoe manufacturers know this, and promote heel striking because every Tom, Dick + Harry is capable of running a couple of miles doing it - however ungainly they might look. Heel striking + ignorance to form = better sales.

    Before the heel striking police come down on me, I acknowledge there are fast heel strikers. However, search the New Yorker magazine for the Salazar article. He was a heel striker, and now teaches all his athletes to land FF.

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