Anyone tried Reebok's Zigtech?



  • MrsB couldn't beileve her eyes when she saw them in a local sports shop. Disbelief !image
  • DomFDomF ✭✭✭
    they look about as useful as those nike ones that had springs in the heel?
  • Lots of cushioning yuk!
  • I've been wearing them for a few weeks now and i love them! They've also been reviewed in the Metro recently and got really good feedback!
  • I tried to buy them on a site called Reebok Easytone where they were advertised at £40, honest! Ive still got the e invoice. The money came out of my account. Shoes never arrived even thought I was told twice they were in transit. I was even told to be patient! People at Reebok said the site was nothing to do with them. The Reebok sales manager even phoned on Christmas Eve to say that their legal team were having a look at the site to see if it was ilegal. Eventually got my money back. I think the shoes were priced wrong and this was noticed before they were sent. Might buy a pair in Belfast on Sunday. Ive been wearing Nike Air Max for two years and think they are great, not the same pair over two years of course. First ones got a puncture!

    BV (no longer known as calf strain)

  • I can not get over how heavy the zig-zags are, I would think that the weight of them would contribute to higher impacts as they weigh 12.4 oz  image
    By comparrison the Newtons I usually run in weigh 8.6 oz

    I am also unable to locate any research into the shoes to support the claims made and Rebook have not replied to my emails

  • They look just like a gimmick. I can't think that a proper runner would wear them ?
  • My running shoes only weigh 6.9oz, sound like lead weights to me
  • Yep, they are good I had ordered two pair of them one for me and the other for my brother. One of the pairs was defective so I decided to return it back fulfilling the easy to understand at The policy lets you return any sports item.
  • > @Polly-Polly said:
    > My husband's just got back from America and was telling me about these trainers he saw while he was there.  I've had a quick look around Google and there seems to be people for and against them.  I just wondered if anyone here had tried them yet.  Not that I'm thinking of buying any.....I'm more than happy with my Brooks  (Image)

    I wear a women's 7.5 and these shoes fit very well. They are very comfortable and provide good support. I wear them at work, where I walk and stand for about 8 hours a day. My back does not hurt as bad when I wear these shoes. I do not have to put the orthopedic insoles that I wear in my Nike shoes in these shoes. The zig soles absorb a lot of the shock when walking. These shoes only have the breathable mesh on the top of the foot and mesh vents on the sides, but my feet do not sweat like they do in leather/rubber shoes. I do like that their is the leather/rubber material at the front of the toes. The colors on these shoes are bright, but not neon. They have held up pretty well.
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