Calf Injury - Urgent advice needed!

Hi Guys,

Can really do with some advice on this, im training for the Edinburgh marathon next week, last night was my final long run, at the half way point of a steady 20miler (7m/m pace) i stopped for no longer than 30secs, had some water anstarted to head back when my left calf seized up, felt like cramp at the time so i tried stretching it out which seemed to help ease it some what, however after a couple more strides it siezed up again, only this time it felt a much deeper pain. Got home last night and rested up hoping it'd clear up by the morning, unfortunatly its still exactly the same,  any ideas on what could have caused this/best way to treat? currently using RICE technique. about me:

33yrs old 11stone, running for 2yrs, 4th marathon, been training 60/70miles per week, before lastnight i had taken the weekend off from training, no previous injuries, have recently switched from adidas adipro bostons to Saucony Fastwich 4's, (have previously used the fastwich's on runs upto 15miles)

any help/advice will be hugely appreciated.



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