22 weeks to the GSR



  • Good to see the times are still good Squall! Did the Poole Festival 10k the other weekend in 40"40. In all honesty it was too hot to get a PB and knew I wasn't on PB form anyway (weekly milage totals leading up to that week were 19 and 20 with 25 miles in all on race week!). I also hadn't done much in the way of speed work and no longer distance training runs either so knew I wouldn't be on top form. However, starting off at a pace of 6"02 for the first mile wasn't exactly the best idea - nor was getting a 5k PB or there or thereabouts after the first lap in about 18"50! It seems I will never learn my lesson - although many other runners also slowed down significantly on the 2nd lap as well...

    Also took part in the South Downs Marathon Relay last Saturday which was good fun, running the first leg. This took my weekly mileage from 2 runs last week to 16 miles as this also included a long run of 9 miles on the Thursday - the longest I have run in one go in ages but thankfully I don't seem to be feeling any problems with my knee now!

    To be honest, I have not really prioritised any races at the moment and probably won't until I get a solid few weeks/months training behind me (I know the "better" runners on here would slate my approach but I will sort that out in my own time). I have a club summer 10k in early July but nothing official planned. Other things have kept me busy at the moment which has meant I have only been able to be sporadic in my training anyway! Hopefully I will get some consistency back over the coming few weeks.

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    keep the thread going Squall...was thinking I hadn't seen any updates from you for a while
  • Well... I'll do a bit of a write-up of this year's training!

    Managed 165 miles in May - which is an all-time month high for me.

    See below my weekly mileages:

    Week 26 14.13 - 14.13
    Week 25 32.84 - 32.84
    Week 24 24.14 - 24.14
    Week 23 27.1 - 27.1
    Week 22 30.25 - 30.25
    Week 21 31.22 - 31.22
    Week 20 38.62 - 38.62
    Week 19 37.31 - 37.31
    Week 18 34.68 - 34.68
    Week 17 26.4 - 26.4
    Week 16 42.76 - 42.76
    Week 15 23.17 - 23.17
    Week 14 26.95 - 26.95
    Week 13 29.26 - 29.26
    Week 12 8.72 - 8.72
    Week 11 40.37 - 40.37
    Week 10 19.69 - 19.69
    Week 9 16.89 5.6 22.49
    Week 8 30.42 - 30.42
    Week 7 16.82 - 16.82
    Week 6 25.72 - 25.72
    Week 5 20.29 - 20.29

    Couple of shaky ones in there - but a lot of weeks of good running and included is a new 5k pb.

    Managed 39'56" at the D-Day 10k and a disappointing 42'11" at last week's Lordshill 10k - that said it was baking hot and a twisty-turny hilly course.

    What's everyone else been upto?
  • Just been out for 3 miles easy... it's bloody baking hot out there... 21 degrees and high humidity, not pleasant at all.
  • 4 miles this morning... and another 4 this evening! Still too hot...
  • hi is it not better to do one run of 8mile or is time the facter.
  • 13.1 miles this morning in 2'01'35" - including some cross-country sections!

    Very humid and warm.
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    Soulmate, depends how it fits into his overall plan.

    Nice running Squall...I've got my own thread these days on the training thread...might help you out to have a squiz through some of the sessions Moraghan has set me.

    Just tallied up the training since he took me on, 803miles in 13 weeks by the end of this week!

    Still going the right way, 5k down to 17:10 on wednesday on a 80% trail and grass surfaced race, and means the 10k is looking very fat indeed on 36:44 in comparison.

    What's the next race for you mate?

  • Don't you worry Stevie, I've been regularly reviewing your thread, it makes for fascinating reading image
  • 5K this morning to bring me up to about 42 miles for the week image
  • More good training progress there Squall!

    Took part in a Lake Mountain Marathon in the Lake District this weekend which lasted over two days(Saunders Lake Mountain Marathon). I don't think I have ever done anything quite so brutal! 70mph gales and driving rain combined with hills which at times you had to crawl up doesn't even cover it! image Discovered muscles I didn't think I had though, but we had a good result coming 26th out of 117 pairs.

    10k annual club race for me tonight, needless to say I don't feel fully recovered to be in prime condition for this! But will give it a go.

  • Dropped out halfway through far too battered after the weekend. image
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