As a beginner runner Ive been using the treadmill at my local gym as well as going out running on the streets. Ive noticed that using the treadmill gives me a sore calf muscle, but that I dont get the same reaction after an outside run. Has anyone else had problems using a treadmill ?


  • Your gait is probably different on the treadmill to outside, hence the muscle soreness from using different muscle fibres. Are you using the treadmill on an incline?

    I imagine you're staying on your toes more whilst running on the treadmill in an effort to stay towards the front of the belt (to avoid slipping off the back) and this is causing your calves to work harder than normal.

    Next time you run on it, pay attention to your footstrike and see if this is a possibility. You might need to slow the treadmill down and try to relax your lower legs a little whilst running on it.
  • Pulling this thread up again... I've noticed knee and calf pain since I started using the gym over Winter, instead of going out on the road.  I'm feeling it particularly towards the outer side of my left knee.  I'm told I supinate slightly when I run, but have neutral shoes as apparently there's nothing you can do for that - and that hasn't been a problem until now.

    I've tried missing all the other things out that *might* be causing the problem and, eventually, have to accept that this is probably the treadmill.  What you say up above makes some sense - I'm paranoid about falling off the back, and right up to the front of the treadmill.  Also, I can't move around like I like to on the treadmill, and keep banging my arms on the sides (anyone else do this, or do I just move around an excessive amount?).

    What I like about the treadmill is that I can set it to work at a certain pace, and I don't have any choice but to keep that up, so I feel like it is helping me get faster.  Obviously that only works if it isn't giving me an injury though. 

    I've also started long runs outside again - but apart from the odd ache and pain (and blister) they haven't caused this before (and this started before the long runs - I thought it was from doing the leg-lifting machines in the gym initially).

    I'm guessing "slow the treadmill down" is the smart advice - which would kind of defeat why I use it.  Err... I think I'm answering my own question here - there isn't going to be another way round it, is there?

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