Pirate DVD's

Ha ha you will have to look at the thread image


  • ...if there is enough demand for Pirate DVD's I know a guy down the local car park.

    Who want DVD?

  • "You wouldn't steal a handbag. You wouldn't steal a car. You wouldn't steal a baby. You wouldn't shoot a policeman. And then steal his helmet. You wouldn't go to the toilet in his helmet. And then send it to the policeman's grieving widow. And then steal it again! Downloading films is stealing. If you do it, you will face the consequences."
  • depends what steamy bodies are in them  .do we get a sneak preview....image
  • Will there be girl pirates frollicking about in lycra and rubber together?
  • Bum - I thought someone was offering to make an amazing film of us all doing our next pirate ironman with a fabulous soundtrack by..... oh I dunno, let's say ACDC. I'd pay for that.
  • I hope Waff's in the DVD image

    Talking of DVD's wasnt Rosie going to cut a DVD together from the Switzerland footage he shot?

  • its still in production, I am currently kicking the producer !
  • Give him a good kicking and hopefully we can watch it on a laptop at Bala image

  • you doing lapdancig in  bala barley..imageimage

    this is something i have to seeimage

  • if Barley is lap dancing in Bala then I'm gonna be there!image
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    if Barley is lap dancing at Bala then I won't be there image

    unless he covers himself in a pirate beach towel
  • .....  or two
  • Dance of the 7 beach towels maybe??
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