10th Annual Julian Farrell Memorial 10K

Hi Guys I have decided to make this road race my first 10K event. I am currently running at 5 min K's in training. I know I can do better in the race. Has anyone taken this event on before? Any advice?

Dave H


  • David

    Did you do this one? How did you get on? If this was the Camberley one I did, it was a good course and well organised. I had a very good day, and set a PB.
  • Hi Alfie,

    Well done a PB good for you. I did run this race not a PB though. Didnt expect to anyway. I am still recovering from back and knee injuries. It has taken me three months to get back to 5 min K's. So I am building up slowly this time. I have started running 10K's just as short term targets but mainly to run with other people. I ran this event in 49:36. I felt very strong at the end which was a major bonus particularly after that "gently undulating hill"! I visited the route a couple of days before but was not aware that we had to run around the estate first. So although I had a plan for the hill it was blown out of the water because it was not where it should have been "ha ha".

    I am entering the Totton 10K at Southampton this Sunday. It starts at 2:30pm from Testwood Lane, Totton, Southampton. If you are interested you can enter on the day. It is supposed to be fast and flat, but after seeing the weather forecast(Gales) for Sunday in that area I dont think its going to be fast!!

    Well thanks for the note and once again well done on your PB I hope to be up there again. I am still happy at my time for a 40 yr old.

    Dave H
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