Sports "hernia"



  • It might sound odd, but tight pants are advised by some physios when running. They stop everything jangling about and pulling on the injury site.
  • I have had inguinal hernias repaired on both left and right side one in the 70s and one in the 80s and touch wood never had a problem since.  Both probably from playing football.  Ultrasound was hardly used in those days for anything other than pregnant women so the diagnosis was done in a much more basic way with a finger and jelly applied where the sun don't shineimage

    Don't think the doctors had any problem identifying they were hernias

  • That's so long ago they hadn't invented Gilmore's Groin ! image According to his website he did his first repair in 1980 and the phrase was penned some unspecificed time afterwards.

    Neither my GP nor the outpatients registrar did the finger test on me which probably explains why the latter got it wrong. Even the surgeon didn't bother but as he was about to open me up anyway maybe he figured there was no point.

  • They were monochrome days then Joe, but they could diagnose a hernia.  Actually the two operations were ten years apart and the treatment for them was amazingly different in terms of time in hospital and advice about getting back to training etc. so I can only guess how different it is now, another 40 years on from my first one.

  • Joe; Thanks for your reply, my email notifiy thing doesn't seem to be working now so assumed there were no further posts. I saw a hernia specialist a month ago and I am now waiting to hear when I can have the op for a standard hernia (Keyhole mesh on both sides.) I think I have a sports hernia but it seems very difficult to get specific treatment so now wonder whether I will have the op for a standard one but it may not work ?

    I wasn't really properly inspected at the 'consultation' I didn't see the main man and was only there for a couple of minutes. I get the feeling that the docs can only really tell what's going on once they get in and have a look.

    The bottom line is I can't run and it's depressing with a whole new season about to start and not being able to go to any races. I'll let you know how things progress.


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