Best Trainers for Orthotics??

I have got custom orthotics for my trainers, as I am a severe overpronator.

For the last year I have run in Asics, but have recently changed to Nike Zoom Vomero 5's.  These, unfortunately, don't seem to agree with me, as I think that they are TOO cushioned and are knocking out my orthotics.  I am struggling with v. tight calves and shin splints just now.

I would be really interested to hear from any fellow runners who have custom orthotics to find out what trainers they swear by.  I know that everyone is different, but it would be good to get a heads up of certain brands/models for me to try.

Do you choose a neutral trainer or another type?

Do you take out the inner sole before you put in your orthotic?

Any info is gratefully received!




  • I'm sure different people have had success with almost every shoe out there with their orthotics.

    I agree that the Vomero is probably too soft for orthotics.

    Brooks Defyance is a good (stable) neutral shoe with quite a broad base and deep heel cup which can accommodate most orthotics very well.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    To be on the safe side, a quick phone call to the podiatrist who prescribed and made the orthos would be best.
  • I wear orthotics for overpronation

    I love the vomeros!! I take the insole out and replace them with my orthotics. I have had no problemsimage

  • That is good to hear Bambi.

    I have never ran with the original insoles in mine.  The cushioning actually makes me feel a litle unstable, if that makes sense and it feels that my ankles are working harder (on the outside) to stabilise and counteract the extreme cushioning.  It was in Asics before which are alot more rigid, which hardly any noticable "give". I'm thinking that the Nikes, as lovely and as squishy as they are, are just to much of a shift for my calves/ankles/achilles to handle!!

    I think that Joolska has the right idea - I will give the pod a shout and see what she says.


  • I wear orthotics as I tend to walk with an inwards gait and also I am flat footed (no arches).  

    I have used Asics in the past, but currently switch between Brooks Addiction 5-7 and have just bought a new pair of the Saucony Lady Progrid Stabil running shoes, that i'm finding quite good.  I tend to alternate between wearing orthotics in and out as I find these shoes compensate for my pronation as they are motion control running shoes.  

    I've been running on and off for a couple of years, and find that i'm only able to run about 1.1mile a day on my treadmill, before my ankles start stiffening up with pain.  Does anyone else find this? And is there anything I can do to combat this problem?


  • I wear mine under the insole when i have a deep enough shoe

    I have had success with Saucony Echelon, Saucony Xodus (XC), Mizuno Wave Rider, Nike Pegasus, Nike Lunar trainer and racer, and i also use them in Innov8 Mudclaws although they are quite shallow so you risk them coming off in really deep sticky mud (lost one during The Grim in december! )

    I have found problems fitting them properly into some Asics models

  • Hi

    I wear orthotics in my trainers too, my podiatrist told me to get neutral trainers and take out the insole, I have cut the front bit of the insole out and keep that in the front and my orthotic in the back.

    My shoes are Nike Air Pegasus.

    Hope that helps


  •  I wear orthotics and was told to buy neutral trainers, take the insole out and put the orthotic in. My orthotics have a full length cover which means i don't need to cut them, however, I also play rugby and i've found that with my rugby boots i have had to cut the existing insoles and keep the front section in under my orthotics as the boots are to deep. Oh and i wear saucony triumph 6's, I actually think they're too  'structured' for a neutral shoe, i'm going for Mizuno wave riders next time.
  • Never got on with ASICS, but particualrly so with orthotics. Saucony and Mizuno have worked great for me... Ask your podiatrist as to whether neutral or support shoes.

    Full lenght worked SOOOO much better than 3/4s that I wonder why people use 3/4s in sports shoes...

  • Hey Guys!

    After taking 4 days rest, I ditched the Nikes and went back into my old faithful Asics and did over 5m with no pain, which was a massive boost!

    Will stick with the Asics for the Half this Sunday.

    Thanks for the info re; brands and models - I will try these on when I go to buy new trainers.


  • David Bennett 2 wrote (see)

    Full lenght worked SOOOO much better than 3/4s that I wonder why people use 3/4s in sports shoes...

    I have 3/4 length  (though made of a different material to a lot that I see in the UK) and they are the dog's bollox.  I had the orthotics made by a sports pod who really knew his stuff and the advantage being I can fit the orthotics into some of my normal shoes too.
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