Speed sessions ??

I know this is properly a very vast subject in which you could talk about for hours, but I realise that incorporating speed sessions into your training is beneficial. However, right from the start I have always just ran on a near daily basis and gradually built up distance and pace as my fitness improved.

I have entered my first 10K in early June, I am confident I will get the distance fairly comfortably but I would like to achieve a decent time. I'm kinda novicey at this, and wondered if anyone could give me a few tips on how to involve speed reps into my daily running, either out on roads or on the treadmill.

I tend to average at about 8.40 ish per mile at the moment, slightly quicker if I just do a 3 or 4 mile run. And the furthest I tend to run is 10miles.

Any thoughts would be great. Cheers !


  • If you go to the 10k section of the training bit of the site, and have a look at the 8 week schedules. They don't have to be followed exactly, but will give you an idea of the sort of sessions that will help for a 10k
  • Think the treadmill could help with your speed work if you have access to one. Just simply turn up the speed when you get to a stage of feeling comfortable with the pace your at, should help improve things. Just as long as you mix this with outdoor running it could be of benefit.

  • Or you could do a fartlek session using lamp posts outside.  Run about a mile to warm up then run as fast as you can from one lamp post to the next, slow down till the next one, speed up for the next one etc etc.  Then have about a mile run to cool down.  Obviously start with shorter distances and increase as you go.

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