Can anyone who has run the Rotterdam April marathon tell me roughly when ballot entries open? Thanks.


  • CW63 - I can't find any information either.  Think I'll give this a go rather than VLM next year.  Fortunately I have a good for age time though.  Great profile pic!
  • Ey up, entries are open now, no need for a ballot, pay your EUR45 and you're in. As an aside I'm fancying doing this next year. Has anyone any experience of doing it in and out in a day via the Hull ferry? On paper it looks tight but doable with the bus from Europoort to central Rotterdam. Bus leaves at half eight and need to get bibs from expo and get to start for 1100 kick off.


  • All in and sorted! After rejection from the VLM (5th year in a row! gutting!) i narrowed it down to Rotterdam or Paris, however the 79 euro entry fee for Paris put me off and chose Rotterdam! hopefully go for Paris next year! cant wait.

     Going to be my first marathon and trip to Rotterdam, booked my hotel last week in the city centre and booked some flights from Liverpool to Amsterdam £22.00 - bargain! (still not sorted my in land travelling yet tho)

  • Hudrunner,

     Which hotel have you booked?

     Apparently train goes from Amstrdam Schpol to Rotterdam 3 times an hour and costs about 20 euros. Takes about half an hour.

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