Feeling Sick after running

Hi all, just signed up this morning. I'm fairly new to running, have been doing 5k once or twice a week, but just did the Glasgow Women's 10k last weekend in my best time yet of 63:51. I've signed up to do the half marathon in September and am needing to ramp up my training for this.

My main problem is that after the past 2 times I've been out (doing 5-6 miles) I've felt really sick after stopping. I also feel really cold, but this happens after any kind of running for me. Any advice to stop the sickness? Also, I usually get quite weary after around 3 miles, any tips for increasing endurance?

Thanks in advance.


  • What are you eating/drinking beforehand Fiona??  Have you been particularly hot when you've been running?  I felt sick the other week on my LSR which I've put down to the heat (it was a very warm day) and bad fuelling strategy, but I was running further so that might not be the case... Although my friend felt really sick after doing 5miles, again it was a warm day and I don't think she'd drank enough beforehand to compensate for the heat.
  • At the 10k on Sunday I had eaten a bowl of cereal and had some juice about 2 1/2 hours before, then only had a few sips of water during. Last night I went out after work and had snacked on fruit during the afternoon. Both times it was around an hour afterwards that I felt sick. Also, I had felt really thirsty during both runs but feel if I drink too much water during a run I can feel it swooshing around and that i turn makes me feel sick. Can't win can I?!
  • Hi Fiona,

    I also experience the same symptoms sickness image, freezing cold and I ve been running for just under 2 years now.  Like you its the same after 2 miles as its is after a half marathon.  The only thing I do to try and rectify it now is have a shower as soon as possible after finishing to warm myself up or put on several layers of clothes within minutes of stopping, I also now have something to eat or drink as soon as I can, a banana or a glass of freshfruit juice works for me.  As for feeling weary image at 3 miles just make sure that you have enough to sustain your run before hand and that youre not 'running on empty' failing that maybe take some jelly babies with you and pop one in at that point.  To increase endurance and distance you may also need to slow the pace down some.

  • I almost feel exhausted sick and lethargic after a long run. I ran 8 miles last weekend and had bacon rolls and a banana when i got back. Felt ok then went downhill after that. Had roast chicken dinner with lots of veg, was ok then felt slightly under the weather after. Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated as doing Silverstone half marathon in 3 weeks. Thanks
  • Hi Michael, its a long time since I posted above and I like to think that I've learned a lot since then.  The bacon rolls may be slightly stodgy to eat straight away, I'd try the banana and a drink in the first 20 minutes of returning just to see how that settles, and then  have something more after that.  I think you may need to look at your pre run fuelling too to see if you are having enough...

  • I do circuit training on Mondays, which seems to help quite well with running. Also had a light lunch, such as bananas and fruit snacks during the day, not to affect training later on.

    This helps strengthen my muscles, and abs tight. Did 20 mins on the punch bag and one point felt I was going to chuck up, but didn't. Sprints afterwards, but kept up with and felt ok afterwards. Long club run on Tuesday...



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