Race T-shirts

My bottom draw is now so full of race t-shirts that it fails to close properly. Unfortunatley I do not have the heart to throw them into the dustbin and feel that a good portion of them should go to good home. Does anyone have any bright ideas as to who I can bestow them upon?


  • teatowels / car shining rags?
  • You could take them in a plackie bag to the clothing bank if you really don't want them anymore! I still worship all of mine.Apart fm a hideous one I acquired last Fri which my son was happy to inherit
  • I don't like the idea of car shining rags, as the T-shirts are in pretty good condition and I am sure that someone less fortunate could benefit from them. The clothing bank sounds like a good option, where do they go once a "deposit" has been made?
  • Probably varies from place to place. How about charity shops?
  • You could always take them to your local charity shop
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Don't put them in clothing banks in supermarket carparks. The majority of the clothing banks shred the fabric deposited and the proceeds of the material made is much less than the charity would receive if they sold the clothes as they were. Take them directly to the shop unless they are too old and shabby to be attractive to anyone else.
  • I give mine to my children to wear as nightshirts.
  • Thats what my husband does the youngest 2 are twins and they love their 2 Bath 1/2 shirts
  • Great for decorating in or any other dirty household job that would otherwise spoil your good gear! I wear old trainers for painting and gardening and stuff!

    Bollox! I never do any of the above really but it sounds very domesticated doesn't it!
  • I give them to a friend at work who takes them to her children's nursery. They are used when they are doing painting or any other messy pastime!
  • I hate DIY with a vegence and do my upmost to employ somebody else for those types of activities. Whats more I would still have the t-shirts occupying space in one of my drawers.

    My two kids are aged three and one, so would be lost in any of my Bath Half t-shirts (four of them).

    Roz's idea of sending them to the kids nursery for their painting activities is a great idea and one that I will follow up on.

    Many thanks.
  • Do they really shred them fm supermarket carparks? I've put reasonable stuff in there for rehoming. Wouldn't have if I'd thought that was the outcome
  • I wear my mine! When they are reasonably new, I just wear 'em. When they're older I train in them or sleep in them. When they aren't fit for that any more, they become dusters,cleaning cloths, etc.
  • I get a size bigger than I would wear and give them to hubby to wear for work.
  • I've only got one, from the Stickler. It says Mak the Dog on it too!
    I usually let my human running friend wear it.
    He's got lots, going through various stages from pristine to dusters.

    Blotts' mate and Ironwolf. Do you think we should start a "Running Dog's only" thread?
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I only have one at the moment, but I guess I'll probably use it for training in.

    It was from last year's Race for Life, but I haven't worn it to date. I think I'm subconsciously trying to preserve it, but now I have a new one for this year's race, so I guess that's silly really.

    I should start wearing them. I do have one rule though - if the t-shirt arrives before the race it doesn't get worn for the first time until race day! (Discounting actually trying it on, of course).
  • Minkin,
    The scale of my problem is that I have over thirty of them!!! Even wearing them for training means that I have an over excessive amount. I guess that I could throw one away rather than washing it after a training run, but that is a tad wastefull.

    I am now waiting for a response from my childrens nursery to see if they can make good use of them for arts and crafts, as per Roz's suggestion.
  • Hi Mac the dog!

    Good idea.You look like a nice dog.Are you a lunatic too?

    love fm Blott

  • Wrinty, iron them flat, fold them & store them. Then when you're old & decrepid & can't even manage the stairs you can get them all out & bring back the memories of the energy you had to earn all those splendid t shirts.
  • Another thought, do you have a homeless shelter near you? They always need good clothes for those less fortunate than ourselves.
  • charities get money for clothes being recycled if they can't sell them, so more worthwhile than taking to recycle depot.
  • I would like to inform you all that the "Shaw & Whitley Toddlers Group" are now the proud owners of about thirty race t-shirts.

    So if you see a two year old wearing a paint splattered Amsterdam Half Marathon, Whiteoak Triathlon or an Atlanta 5K t-shirt you will know where it has come from.

    Regards Darren
  • Either that or it's a new Paula Radcliffe in the making :o)
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