Plantar Fascitis

Now then folks, any ideas, remedies, potions thats gonna help with a tweaky plantar? Its only just starting so i hipe if i get onto it early i may be able to stay training.... albeit short n sweet stuff until i'm back to 100%.

Anyone tried night splinting?




  • Get a bottle of pop, fill it with water and freeze it. You can then use this to roll along the length of your plantar fascia using your body weight to massage and ice at the same time which should help. Wear a supportive shoe and rest it where possible.

    Also, stretch it gently on a morning before getting out of bed as it tightens over night whilst sleeping and can re-tear each morning. If you have a night splint it could help but I don't know anyone who has used one.

  • I've been struggling with a flare up of this (it had seemed to have gone until i started training).  I found a device called a Pediroller in the footcare section of Boots.  Basically it is a ridged bar which is thicker at both ends that you roll up and down with your foot (you can freeze it, but I haven't tried that yet).  I use it at home and at work and it really eases the pain.
  • I have been suffering from PF since 2008.  I first got rid with a steroid injection under ultra sound - that lastest a year.  When it came back I tried everything again only to have to get a 2nd injection, it lastest not so long - 3months.

    I am now into my 3rd occurrance of the injury, its awful and I feel for you.

    This time however I have stayed away from the deep massage- I found that it flared it up even more.

    Icing - most of the time, made it more stiff and sore, I now find a combo of hot and cold soaks help it, always finishing on a hot soak.

    Stretching is also helping this time but dont over stretch it as you can do some more damage.

    As for the night splint, I have been wearing one since 2008, it keeps the pf strteched at night and can relieve your morning pain but still stretch before taking your first steps in the morn.

    Apart from that it is a hard one to shift, I cant do much rest now for mine as I am heading for CW games in oct and need to train and race, but I am managing it so far into 2months of having it bk.

    I spoke to someone who's advice on the next step wouyld be tendonopothy - blood is taken from you and the platelets are extracted and injected back into the pf, rest after this is advised, up to 10weeks.

    Good luck and here to help if you need anymore advice.


  • I had accupuncture for my PF last year and that made a huge difference I was back running within about 4 months. 

  • Thanks Pavey,

    I have not tried that yet.  How many sessions did you have and did you continue running on it throughout tretment or did you rest it?

  • Ok, some good ideas for me to crack on with then. Definatly going to try a night splint and i'll give icing with a roller/bottle a go although i must admit it seems to like heat more that it does cold. I havnt ran since sunday an its just barely noticable when walking now so i'm willing to give it another week or so before i test it again and fingers crossed it'll be ok. Its only flared up after taking time off for another injury, i must be getting oldimage

    Not too keen on the injections though Kerryimage would be just my luck to rupture the bloody thing.


  • Hey Rob,

    Im in the same boat as you, mine likes heat better, but after activity you should do the ice first and heat after.  The combination thing works well, always start with cold and end with heat.

    Plus mine came back 3 times but only when out with another injury and resting, so I have found that resting makes it worse, mine likes to keep moving.  I can be on my feet all day and its great, its only when I stop and sit at computer or tele it gets bad.  So the sock/brace is good for these periods to keep it stretched.

    Even though you are taking some extra time off make sure you are stretching it lightly everyday.

    Pull your toes up towards your shin using your hand to get a full stretch on it.  Do this each time before you get up from sitting, driving etc, any non activity based sitting around.  Just to make sure the pf is warmed up before you walk etc and that you are not causing any tearing or trauma.

    If going down the injection route, it must be done under guided ultra sound with at least 2weeks complete rest.

    To keep fitness up I aqua jogged for 6months (with stress fracture), replicate sessions in pool.  After doing just this I came out and ran a 34min 10k, so cross training is as good.

    Good Luck

  • Alot of what your saying is exactly how it works for me so i'm happy to plod on with the icing aswell.

    Ive been pretty religous with lower limb stretching and to be honest the pf is starting to feel like its ready for a test run but i'm going to wait it out a little longer..... plus having to wait on an old injury(on the other foot) just settling itself before i hit the streets. I seem to be collecting injuries these daysimage

    Cross training, yep i think the aqua jogger is going to get a hammering in the next few weeks.

    Thanks for the adviceimage

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