Race number on bikes

Did my first organized ride on Sunday, and struggled to figure out how to fit the number to my bike.

Didn't want to pin it to my top, as I was wearing a windproof top and didn't want to stick holes in it, so I ended cable tieing it to my handlebars, but this meant that not only did it end up half covering my Garmin, but didn't like it flapping about in the wind.

How do you attach yours?


  • Either cabletie it to the front of the bike (so it hangs below the bars) or wear a number belt if you dont want to pin it to your top. They're only a few pounds. If you're a total cheapskate, wear some elastic and attach it to that.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    what did the event instructions say Dano??

    most sportives suggest cabletieing it to the bars - many even provide the ties as well - and the reason being is for ID and photos. tie it relatively tightly and it shouldn't flap a lot

    for tri racing then you have a sticky number to attach to the bike (seatpost or headset) which is ID and a race number which you attach to your top or wear a racebelt as FA says
  • They gave me some safety pins, and some cable ties, but no instructions.

    The thing about cable tieing it to the bars was, if I was tight, the number was wrapped so tightly that you could hardly make out the number, if it was loose(r) then it flapped about.

    Number belt sounds like a good idea!

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    yep - use the cable ties and tie it tightly and feck the photos - the main thing is the number is on there. it's not really intended to be worn a la tri event
  • Got ya, tight it is then!
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