Chirunning workshop Leeds June 6th

As the title suggests - i'm looking at going to a Chirunning workshop on June 6th in Leeds. It's £100 per person, or a 10% discount for more than one, so I wondered if anyone who was interested wanted to save a tenner and book together?



  • I've got some old rope for sale.

  • I have some eggs and can provide detailed training on what to do with them, particularly if you are female and your son or daughter has kids.
  • Oh thanks - really useful. Nothing like a bit of support on the forum, is there?

  • This was the first time I've heard of it, so I had a quick google.  £100 seems steep for something that's got foundations in Wu, but I can appreciate how coaching in better technique might be useful.  It would, however, help if there was any real evidence to support the claims its founder is making.  Without that it's just homeopathy...
  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    A lot of folk could do with sorting out their form ... image

    I'm in Leeds and interested in running form ... but £90 is still too steep.

    Good luck and enjoy. image

  • I've been to a Chi Running Workshop with Sarah and Bridget who run it. There is plenty of evidence to support good running form and many runners don't know what good running form is. Whether it comes under the banner of Chi Running, Pose running or Evolution Running, it doesn't really matter (there are slight differences, or emphasis between these), it does all ruuners good to understand about posture, foot placement, correct lean etc, especially those runners who do marathons, as good running form = more efficient running, and probably less injuries.

    I do recommend this workshop, not because I know Sarah and Bridget, but because I've attended one, researched 'good running form' generally and have benifitted personally from it.

    They video you running from different prepared to be shocked at how badly you run!

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    Hywel Jenkins wrote (see)
    Without that it's just homeopathy...

    I hear what you're saying about 'wu' but I think the homeopathy comparison is unfair.  Homeopathy can only possibly 'work' via the placebo effect.  I don't know much about chi running but as far as I know it is based on making real changes to your running technique.  As to whether these changes work (in preventing injury or whatever), and whether it's worth paying £90 to find out is another matter, but it's not like anyone's just waving a crystal over your foot.  (Are they??)


  • The book is about a tenner.  Go for that.

    I think the comparison against homeopathy is reasonably fair - both make health claims and neither provide supporting evidence.

  • Thanks Hywel. I've got the book and I'm already attempting to apply some of the principles. I started looking into it as my physio has had enough of me already image. I know my core needs work, and something centred around good posture seemed like a top idea. And I'm struggling to know whether I'm doing it right or not. Hence the workshop looking useful. Yes £90 is expensive, but for a whole day's tuition it's not too bad. I pay my hairdresser a third of that for a lot less work lol!

    Am disappointed at some of the replies though. I shouldn't be surprised at how dismissive and rude some people can be, especially when it's just an average runner trying to overcome injuries by improving their form, but I am. I find it sad.
  • I went to the half day one and I wish I had done the full day.  I had read the book and understood it, but there is nothing like another person watching you (and in this case videoing you to provide feedback)

     I wonder if HJ hasnever had any coaching and benefitted from it?


  • Thanks Farnie. Although being videoed and watching myself run sounds very scary! But then I'm clearly doing something to keep getting injured....!
    It's good to hear feedback from you and dibbers that it's worth doing.
  • YorksLass: And I'm struggling to know whether I'm doing it right or not

    That is the key.

    Beleive me, what you think you run like is often very different to how you actually run. These workshops take you through all the necessarry body sensing techniques and hands-on advice.

    I also do Pilates, and that too teaches you correct posture and body awareness. We often think that how we move is perfectly natural, when actually we're badly unbalanced due to years of bad habbits and poor posture.

    If you're interested in improving your running over and above the 'power' running mindset; trying to run harder/faster/longer, then it will be money well spent.

  • @Farnie - no, I haven't.  Unless there's evidence for it (indepently verified) or someone else is paying, I'm not interested, regardless of what it is. I don't make decisions based on anecdotal opinion.  I know I won't like the taste of dog crap, but I've never eaten that.

    @YorkLass - people would have been more supportive if you'd chosen something that isn't based on Wu.  Even people who believe in Chi reckon DD has a poor undertanding of it.

    I have a collection of rocks that keep dinosaurs away.  Anyone want one?  They're £15 inc P&P.

  • Another vote for pilates here too

    All of the people who did pilates 'got' the Chi running quicker

  • Hywel Jenkins wrote (see)

    @Farnie - no, I haven't.  Unless there's evidence for it (indepently verified) or someone else is paying, I'm not interested, regardless of what it is. I don't make decisions based on anecdotal opinion.  I know I won't like the taste of dog crap, but I've never eaten that.

    There's no evidence for training?

    For someone having another objective on your running form?


    *stands back to listen to HJ's coaching/running credentials*

  • Currently there is no definitive scientific proof that either Chi or barefoot running improves performance or reduces injuries, although there is plenty of anecdotal evidence. I'm very tempted to take it up myself (as I have PF which *may* be improved by barefoot running) but if I do, I'm not going to pay £100 or £90 for it, not without some sort of guarantee.

    As far as my earlier comment was concerned I was attempting (badly) to be humorous, but seemingly it was a 'leave your humour gland at home day' today image
  • image I wouldn't pay £90 for this ever but that's just because wouldn't pay £90 for a workshop. Try and play nicely please can't we all get alone, if Yorks wants to go and you don't just don't go, no need to be rude.
  • HJ - whether I believe in the "Chi" element of it or not is largely irrelevant. I've read the book and can clearly see that the approach in terms of posture and form would be an improvement on what I have been doing up til now (running upright, heel striking, getting injured a lot). Is it because of Chi or just common sense? I couldn't care less if it works. And there's plenty of people who will confirm that it worked for them, so I'm willing to try it.

    I don't make decisions based on anecdotal evidence. I'm a scientist and far too sensible for that. But I'm willing to take it into consideration. I think you're missing out on a vast amount of available information if you don't ask around and see what other people thought. I do that before I make major purchases so why shouldn't I do that when it comes to my running? If we didn't all ask for the opinions of others, this forum wouldn't exist.

    DD may have a poor understanding of Chi, but he does seem to have a very good understanding of running. That'll do for me.
  • @Farnie - "stands back to listen to HJ's coaching/running credentials"  Brilliant!  What's that got to do with it?  All I've said that the whole Chi Running things is based on grounds short of evidence - anyone, runner or not, with a scientific mind could come to the same conclusion: show the evidence and I'll believe it.

    My running credentials are probably better than yours.  I started running 30 years ago, then did nothing between leaving school and three years ago, when I did my first marathon in 3h46 (two years ago, when I was 38) - while carrying my own water around the hilly Herefordshire country side.  1m PB is 5'27.  5km is 18'1. 10km is 36'54.  No injuries, apart from sore nipples and some mild chafing caused by my Camelback.

    Now, do you want one of my rocks or not?

  • Wej - I see what you're saying, I really do. it's a lot of cash. But then I've spent a similar amount on one single pair of running shoes (one of which contributed to an injury rather than cured anything lol) whereas a workshop's worth of learning about my posture and form could last me a lifetime.

    Incidentally, I have PF too, and it's improved vastly since I started the chirunning techniques. Maybe you should think about it? image

  • Oh never mind... I'll go on my own lol.
  • YorksLass

    Yes, I would say £90 to improve your running form and body awareness is money better spent than buying fancy clumpy cushioned/support shoes every 350 miles in the false belief that they prevent injury or reduce impact forces etc (actually there is evidence now that shows the more cushioned a shoe is, the harder the impact forces are!). But that's another topic for discussion.

    I'm not sure about the reduced injury claims of Chi and Pose as it does seem anecdotal (although there is evidence that Pose reduces impact on knees (but increases it on Achilles!)), but better running form does mean more relaxed and efficient running.

  • Thousands if not millions more people run the old fashioned way than those who have switched to forefoot, Chi, Pose etc.

    I'm willing to bet that the same percentage of people end up getting injured doing both (but possibly different kinds of injuries).

    Given the much bigger number people who run the 'old' way, you are going to hear about a much bigger number of those people getting injured - doesn't mean they're more likely to though.

    There have been NO proper studies published comparing injury rates with running with the different methods.

    Doing the course can't hurt but unless they make you think that if you run any other way but their, you're going to hell...

    And Hywel, have the rocks worked for you? If buy two, will I twice as less likely to be bothered by dinosaurs or should one suffice - you can't be too careful where dinosaurs are concerned, have you seen the SIZE of the buggers on tv !!!

  • Thousands if not millions more people run the old fashioned way than those who have switched to forefoot, Chi, Pose etc.

    Only since the introduction of modern running shoes in the mid 70s! Try running with a heel strike barefoot, or in slippers...OUCH! Regardless of injury claims on this issue, landing on your heel means landing IN FRONT of your centre of gravity, which means you're breaking with every step, which also means it's not very efficient!

  • @Waylon Smithers - yes, my rocks do work.  There are absolutely no dinosaurs around here.  Yes, those dinosaurs are huge - really, REALL big, and some of them are fast, but they don't use Chi Running.
  • ...since the introduction of modern running shoes in the mid 70s running has become the mass participation sport it is today.

    I couldn't care less how people run.

    I recently attended a lecture by Prof. Daniel Lieberman, the Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University and one of the champions of the barefoot running brigade. Point number one in his final summation, was (in capital letters) - If it ain't broke, don't fix it - which was nice to hear.
  • WS

    Yeah, couldn't agree more, to be honest, but Yorkslass feels she is broken.

  • I don't like any running 'method' that makes itself out to be the holy grail of techniques.

    Yorkslass - I can pretty much guarantee that you will 'benefit' from the Chi technique and is probably worth trying...

    ... again something that Lieberman said in his lecture... "if you continually suffer from the same overuse injuries, if you change the way you run, you will alter the areas of the body that are being exposed to the most / worst forces, so it follows that you will change your injury patterns", i.e. your old injuries shouldn't re-occur (but new ones might!) so, initially at least, you'll feel better for it.

    Hope you do.
  • Yorkslass,

    If you want to go, you bloomin well go. It's your money and your choice and sod certain miserable buggers on this thread who can't make a point without being rude!!

    Hope youenjoy the course image

  • Yorkslass,

     I'm interested. Have you booked in yet?

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