Bournemouth Parkrun

Hey guys!!

 The closest park run to bournemouth its swindon/basingstoke/eastleigh! there is a distinct lack of regular running events on the south coast!! I have set the wheels going on starting a bournemouth park run!

met with hugh today who owns a lot of the land out at hurn and he gave us a map of his land...

he offered us use of the golf course facilities for changing rooms, toilets , teas coffees etc and told us to come up with some ideas and he would ok them!!! we walked the edge of the property! a few ok tracks and a few definately not ok... there was a y shape possibility running out on one track about 1k, then back down it 1k, up another track 1k, then back down it and the bit between the two works out to be about 1k giving u a 5k altogether...but could be quite complicated...

the other side of hurn (chapel lane) , there is a much easier possibility of running up a track for 1.5 miles without having to turn off anywhere, then running back 1.5 miles!! easy!! think this is better but there is less facilities near by! although hugh seems pretty accomodating and would probably be prepared in the long run to look at a little parkrun cafe being opened or something, to start with it would be us on our own!!

its next to bournemouth sports so maybe possibility in sharing those facilities?! we shall see!!

going to plan out a few routes and generate a bank of ideas

looking for getting it going by end of july!

 So for now, We simply need to plan out a route, get it measured and drum up support!! then there is nothing stopping us getting it off of the ground!! image

i now need a huge bank of volunteers who would be interesting in helping out every 4 weeks or so! get a rota system going?!?! Im on as B-Lass or email address is /forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif[/img]] if your interested!!  - please put parkrun in the subject header or it will go to the trash can!!

 I am also thinking there are parents who may me interested in volunteering if they have kids who like running but dont run themselves!! Its going to be a non threatening , friendly event every week and hopefully somehing everyone will enjoy!! I will contact local school ands athletics clubs in the coming weeks!!

 Please post on here or contact me!!!! image

 B-Lass xx


  • Hi

    I would definately be interested in a Park run near Bournemouth - I looked on the Park run website the other day and was disappointed there was nothing nearer here.


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