What would your legacy be?

I turn the same age as the above, when they died, in the next 24hrs.

Granted, I'm not a rock'n'roll genius, but what legacy would I leave if hit by a bus tomorrow?

What legacy do you want to leave?

And what would be your biggest regret?


  • I would want to leave the legacy of the realisation that a bit of madness is OK in life

    my biggest regret would be not managing to quit the fags fully.

  • Biggest regret? Not doing something I enjoy for a 'career'
  • Interesting question

    Legacy - my collection of odd socks and pens without ink

    Biggest regret - nobody ever died wishing they'd spent more time at the office... that's for sure. I'll regret not being an internationally renowned blues guitarist - but then the world would have missed out on a mediocre educator.
  • Legacy - living a life which involved happiness, enjoyment and that I did something good.

    Biggest regret - Its a very long list of regrets. But that's life!

  • Legacy - I honestly can't think how the world would change if I wasn't here, except for my nearest and dearest of course. No-one else would notice.

    Regrets - I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention.

  • Legacy - hopefully, that I lived a long and happy life and made a positive difference to the people that mattered to me.

    Regrets - don't plan on having any. I learnt my lesson on that when my Dad said to me shortly before he died that he had always wanted to run a marathon and now it was too late for him. That affected me profoundly, I just thought it was such a sad admission. I try to live by that, and not postpone doing things I really want to do.

  • Corinthian wrote (see)
    I'll regret not being an internationally renowned blues guitarist

    Shall we form a virtual RW band?image You'd at least then be guaranteed boundless online groupies/lurkers!

    Since starting this thread I've had an earworm. Of the people listed it should have been something really cool, but no, it's bloody Karen Carpenter.

    My own thoughts about legacies and regrets are still forming, though I admit it's a bit morose!

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