Running clubs and partners

I ran for the first time with Ludlow Runners this week. They have a hard core of far too fast people - a good number of somewhat faster than me but not massively so - and enough my speed or slower so that I don't feel left behind.

I had my hardest run in years that night, and also the most fun.

So if you are sitting on the fence, as I was - get down off it before your bum goes numb and run with your local club its fun and it helps with the motivation.


  • Mij,

    Did just that this tues - went to my local clubs beginner night - hmm beginners with 5 years experience. However a very good night as 2 runners stayed with me on course and were very patient with my slow pace. encouraged to go again next week and see if i can do better. i know this will take time but one day would be lovely to run with every one else and see another beginner come and know perhaps fingers crossed that i have improved.
    butterflies had a good run for their money too lol
  • I also got round to joining a club last week. My introduction was a speed session - almost killed me but I really enjoyed it.

    This week I have been out twice and noticed how company takes one's mind off distance and time, making it all easier. I went for a small local club, which for me is just perfect - very friendly and harder to avoid people in the town should I get lazy :-)

    There are bigger clubs around but I would probably end up training too hard too early in my re-entry to running and end up injured.

  • Anyone know of any running clubs in or around Sherburn in Elmet, North Yorkshire. I am tempted to try joining a running club.
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