Carver Wolverhampton City Marathon



  • Hi Brian, I have been checking back for a while but can't find myself. I completed the Half in 2 hours so suspect I am still to be edited. My number was 258 and I was wearing a black top if you happen to spot me whilst editing.



  • Tony, photo no. 1005
  • Thanks Brian, I can feel the pain all over again just looking at the pic!
  • A big thanks to Clockwork Orange, E.C.N; Matt Brown 14 and micknphil for your really kind, generous mentions.

    Honestly, it  does make the hours spent editing and uploading photos onto the Internet so worhwhile and is really, really appreciated.

    All the best to you all in your training and future races.

    Kind regards.


  • stratford was a great course for a first time half marathon, dont htink i would want to do the full there, thinking of doing birmingham half,what is the course like?
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