Carver Wolverhampton City Marathon



  • I've just noticed it's the 20th and I'm already committed to something else that day image

    Oh well, plenty more races to look at! image

    Thank you anyway AH image

  • Thanks for that Harry and Another HIll.Might have to take my wife along to provide the iso's. They defo help in the latter stages of a marathon.
  • I know for a marathon it does seem a little ridiculous...

    I never got an explanation from the organiser as to why there is no iso on course (not that I asked for the reasoning). I can only assume its cost associated with it or maybe no drinks company wants to sponsor the wolverhampton marathon which is quite possible?

    I have however been to similiarly small races I had iso (even if it has been a little watered down)
  • Ok, so I'm officially entered!!! Superb image
  • Well done Harry! See you there.... image
  • E.C.N.E.C.N. ✭✭✭
    how does one know if one is entered?
  • Have been umming and arring about this half, Kenilworth Half (3 weeks later - if my club allows me to race rather than marshal it), and Brum half (another 4 weeks after Kenilworth).

    Think I've decided to definately give this one a go (the half) for the first time as I'm a Wolves fan and have family there... then also do Brum half 7 weeks later, and just see what happens in between as to whether I race Kenilworth or not.

     PB course? Does the course run past Molineux? (I heard it had in years gone by).

     I'll look forward to seeing everyone there! Shame to hear that there's no ISO drinks for marathoners image

  • I'm in.

    Really wanted to do the "Where Eagles Fly" LDWA event in Cumbria the day before, but cash is limited, and B&B's are expensive.

    So as this is 20miles down the road, I've entered.

    As for drinks, may be running with the OMM rucksack and 2lites of water, it's all good training.

  • MB Dont forget the WRR hanging out at the pub at 12 / 25 miles.

    After many years of saying I would never do the full as its 2 laps - I think I'll do it this year the week before Nottingham.
  • Hi Hot Tub Alci - I'm doing both too image
  • Two maras in two weekends...sounds joyous!!!

    Sorry for being silly/ignorant, but what is WRR
  • Wrekin Road Runners.

    Best running club in Telford image (appologies to any Harriers or TAC'ers).

  • Having worked in Wolves and the Black Country for the best part of the last 13 years I guess it's finally time to run around the streets.

    Also did my Degree at Wolverhampton (Nightschool), so it does hold some memories for me.

    Materials Science being one of the more unpleasant image

  • Nice you guys will have some people to cheer you on. I have some friends that live very close to course, somewhere near the 8 mile mark on the map.

    I think it will be lonely on the streets so will be a good pick me up, I'm sure they'll do lots of cheering for the rest of you too!!! image

     I always say a marathon is a good way to see a place and actually expect course to be quite pleasant. I ran 3 laps in and around Luton in December, I don't expect the course can be much worse, and I even pretty enjoyed it.

    I'll look out for club kits, might even say hello at the start.

  • Luton is Grim isn't it ?

    Once took a detour through there and felt sorry for the locals, dire post industrial fag end of a place.

    Much like wolves image

    But I'm being harsh, the place does have it's rough diamond charm.

  • E.C.N.E.C.N. ✭✭✭

    although it is nice to be able to run through Whitoreans (i think that is how you spell it) safely image 

    it is a good run

  • Maybe they'll play the chris moyles song about the place as we start...
  • ---------- ✭✭✭

    I did the half last year, & can remember being so elated as it was the furthest I'd run after breaking an ankle 9 weeks before. I'm tempted by the full, as there's no time limit & I'm really slow!!

    Did the Blackpool full & that was 2 laps. I didn't have a problem with that as I was so focused on completing my first marathon. But maybe 2 laps round Wolverhampton might be hard mentally......image

  • Dont worry about being slow, slow or fast with such a small field it will be lonely. Go on, enter the full!!!
  • ---------- ✭✭✭
    I stayed to watch everyone finish the full Harry, & I would have been last by a loooong way!! I will need to get faster by Sept....& it's not far away.....
  • Its not about last or first though really in the grand scheme of thins. Finishing is pretty epic. And you still have a few weeks to 'fine tune'
  • ---------- ✭✭✭
    Being last by half an hour is certainly epic....which is what happened at Blackpool!! But once they open the roads there, it's pretty soul destroying trying to fight past people on the pavement for hours....Blackpool has a lot of people milling around in April!
  • Hi there ... I will be doing the half ... my first half ... and I'm slow .. and I haven't run that far and my knee whinges just thinking about it, LOL.

    I just hope I don't come in after the last marathoner !!!!

  • No worries Zed, Just take your time and enjoy!!
  • Looking forward to heading back to my old stomping ground for this weekend but should it be for the full or the half? Decisions, decisions...

    Harry, are the race organisers happy for spectators to dish out iso/gels etc., given that only water's provided?

  • First time doing full this year though normally do half. How will I cope doing two laps - will it be boring! time will tell.

    Rolf, Getting supllies on course wont be a problem!
  • Ive just entered this, looking forward to it image
  • Hi everyone just stumbled upon this post. Wolves half will be my first half marathon (only because I cant make the date of the B’ham one) Seems a shame there are no Iso drinks and not much of a crowd motivation. They don’t seem to have mastered the art yet of putting on a decent event . Maybe we should rally round get the crowds in, invite everyone you know..and make them all bring drinks for us all..hahaAnyway just thought ide join the thread
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