Carver Wolverhampton City Marathon



  • Marcusuno wrote (see)

    oh, and him.

  • Marcusuno wrote (see)
    Is that your attempt at keeping your mouth shut image
  • Moyz 75 wrote (see)
    Hi everyone just stumbled upon this post. Wolves half will be my first half marathon (only because I cant make the date of the B’ham one) Seems a shame there are no Iso drinks and not much of a crowd motivation. They don’t seem to have mastered the art yet of putting on a decent event . Maybe we should rally round get the crowds in, invite everyone you know..and make them all bring drinks for us all..hahaAnyway just thought ide join the thread

    you havent run it yet then?

    have you decided it wont be a decent event already?

  • Madlot wrote (see)
    Is that your attempt at keeping your mouth shut image
    how would i ever get a word in edge ways when you are running next to me ?
  • its a good job im a good listener
  • madlot - have you spoken to dave???
  • Dave who?
  • i can't edit to put his forum name
  • mr uno ran with him at stratford - i believe you have heard the tail


  • Yes, he warned me quite a while ago.

    Shocking isn't it how an affable, peace loving person can be turned into a homicidal maniac.
  • Rolf - I have not emailed the organiser regarding spectators handing out drinks. I think it should be fine, but I might drop an email just in case, I trust you will make the right decision and enter the full marathon?

  • it is against EA rules for runers to be given stuff i think
    unless your friends are willing to hand out stuff to anyone who wants them - then they are an aid station like the ones RW and Fetch do

    however, i would think in a race this size no-one would notice, and it depends who is organising it

  • Ref: being handed out drinks by frends/spectators

    Unless you are in the 1st few places nobody will care. I always get a bottle of isotonic drink from 'er Indoors at the start of the 2nd lap on these 2 lap courses. Never had an issue. I'm not a front runner but will be in the 1st 10-20% of finishers.

    Nothing to worry about.

  • I hope to be in the first few places...had better have a word with the race organisers. I had a second look at the course and there is actually quite a few water stations, so might be okay to get by on gels.
  • Would be a lot easier to just give out lucazade on the 2nd laps - there aren't that many marathoners is there.
  • Lurker, thanks for the adivce BTW, I dont want to be getting DQ'ed.

    HTA - totally agree.
  • Yes, will do the full. Had best get out and get some miles in these next couple of weeks.

    Sounds like that second lap could be lonely.

    Harry, I hope you'll be wearing something fetching on race day...

  • Madlot, Marcusuno, I have entered this now.

    I'll make sure you dont slack off image

  • Fantastic, look forward to meeting you image
  • You too image
  • But if you need convincing it doesn't seem like much fun?
  • Re: Isotonics on the course; I emailed the marathon sec and they said that it wouldn't be a problem to pick up isotonics from friends/family as you run round.

    There goes my excuse for when I crash and burn in the last few miles, if it hasn't already happened before then.

  • D2D - don't do it
  • Do it D2D
  • Anybody doing anythng daft like training for instance?

     If so, how's it going?

  • i'm doing well considering i was only told last week that i'm doing this race, 6 weeks to train for a marathon is more that enough isn't it?
  • told?????

    since when do you do as you are told????

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