Carver Wolverhampton City Marathon



  • It was the pubs after the P&P Adrian that got messy image

    Nothing too bad in the half. Some people complain about the short hill at about 11.5 miles when you rejoin Tettenhall Road, but other than that.
  • It's 2 weeks now!
    And anyway Mr1, aren't you meant to start before you can taper image
  • this marathon is gonna be a true test of weather i can blagg it or not.
  • How's it loooking?
  • coming down with the lurgy image
  • I've got a sore calf
  • Not good for either of us really!! Think I may just take a few days off training.
  • ok then. Am in.
  • Days off training wont matter now.

    Never having done any training at all may image

  • i decided to skip training altogether and concenrate solely on the tapir and carb loading
  • Usual then?

    I will look for the fat chap at the start image

  • Dont talk about me like that image
  • image OOPS
  • i so hope you weren't talking to me
  • I would never ever suggest that you are not the fine figure of a man you have led us all to believe you are image
  • i am a running god and the sooner people understand this the better.
  • Was that not what I just said?

    You are crap at biking tho aren't you image
  • So that's why you're lending me your bike!
  • E.C.N.E.C.N. ✭✭✭
     i have booked some nice weather for next sunday, i hope that is ok with you all? image
  • Please, I am only visiting for the weather image
  • Pfft ... right you lot, I need support ....

    I am going to be the slow one dressed in a fluourescent pink top coming in very slowly on the HM, whilst you lot breeze past me doing your marathon ... 

    I have a stinking cold and feeling very unsure of myself.

    We drove round the course today, and as it's my first HM, I am even more scared.

    Tell me they won't laugh at me, tell me I won't get lost .. tell me there is decent marshalling for those at the back of the pack?

  • E.C.N.E.C.N. ✭✭✭
    they wont laugh at you !!!!! cos i will have a bright orange t-shirt on and i am the one who will be laughed at image 
  • You won't get lost, there will be decent marshalling for the back of the pack.

    No one is going to laugh at you, they will only laugh with you.

    Do the half you will be fine, don't worry, I sincerely doubt you will be on your own at all.

  • And just rest fron now until the day if you don't feel well. Trainingnow will make no difference anyway. You should feel like a very small jog on sat just to loosen up.

    And yeah we will be laughing at ECN image
  • Will hopefully be entering the marathon on Saturday.  Bit annoying there is no online entry.  See you all there.
  •  Reasons to be cheerful .

     I appear to have recovered from last weeks Seaford marathon very well.

    I have no aches and even less pain.  I am in the best of all possible moods,  Happy and contented, laid back and calm.

    I have been eating and sleeping well. Wolverhampton is a friendly city,( it is only a few stops up the line.) I got a lovely Hot Jacket potatoe last time i was there.

    The course is quite an easy one (as far as easy goes in relation to marathons.) with hardly a hill to speak of.

    The sun is shining and i am raring to go. Positivity is the best policy.

  • Aw thanks folks image

     I am really looking forward to it, just a bit overwhelmed, because it's my first one I guess !

  • Enjoy it Z, this is only my second, can't wait now! image
  • Does anybody know at what miles the water stations are?
  • Um no.

    Matt the Brum!!!! Hope you get to do it havent seen you for yonks and yonks and yonks!

    Madlot, I cant wait either, I PBd at 5k yesterday so I will be going for sub 3.

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