Olympic Mascots

How appropriate that in these days of The New Politics, our Olympic mascots should appear to be two designer pricks.


  • Actually they can't win here. There will always be people that love them and people that don't.

    They are aimed at kids and there is a whole story behind them, with children's author Michael Mupurgo engaged (that spelling is wrong but can't remember the right way!!)

     I also think the fact that there is a separate one for the Paralympics is great and gives those games more identity and remember Britain did invent the paralympics. Interestingly the small group of people I have talked to have preferred Mandeville of the two.

     The other item that will be love it or hate it will no doubt be the opening ceremony. To be honest I can't be bothered with all the subjective arty farty stuff. Bring on the sport that is what the games are really all about and with that what you see if what you get... well doping and bribery (no sports or countries mentioned) notwithstanding.

    I think they are quite innovative. What else would we have gone for? Lion, Unicorn, Bulldog (tends to remind you of skinheads!), Welsh Dragon.

     As I say a topic they can't win and they're certainly better than the logo image  

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    have to agree with Brooks

    they do nothing for me but if they help to spark interest in the games - and not just in the UK - then they are doing their job.....and ffs, we have a huge population of adults in the UK who still don't want the Olympics seeing it as a waste of money. if the mascots help turn these people around through their kids (who will generally have no concept of high finance or be worried by it) then they're doing their job..

    every major sporting event needs to attract interest to sell tickets and this is just one part of that marketing mix

    the 1st one I remember was World Cup Willie for the 1966 WC....and every one since, be it WC or Olympics, has been shite imho!!

  • I think they're fab. I wasn't going to even think about commenting because as soon as something new is devised/designed it's a cue for the world and his mother to come out and show just how negative/cynical/grumpy they can be. But I do believe I detect less than 100% antagonism towards them!?! I'm delighted! image
  • I think they're rather cute and a great way for kids to get interested in the olympics.

    And yes, waaaaay better than the logo!

  • Nooooooo, I love the logo.

    Looking at them, they will appeal to the kids. If they promote it well maybe through games and
    a TV cartoon, it will have potential. Would have like it to be Berlino the Bear though.
  • I really like the mascots, especially Mandeville. They are different as well - a boring old lion or something would have been very ordinary i think.

    I thought the logo might grow on me - these things usually do once you have seen them a million times - and despite the fact that my fav race t-shirt has a massive Green/blue version emblazoned all over it - I still think it's pants.
  • I like them - they are innovative, bright, and will appeal to our gadget-addicted kids generation.
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